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I woke up in the morning with a mystery on my mind. Last night I had gone to bed thinking about the trip I was about to take to the Star Caves. Apparently though, during the night something very peculiar … Continue reading

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Hallowmas, Samhain, Dias de los Muertos …

Hallowmas, All Hallows, Halloween,  Calan Gaeaf, All Saints, Samhain, Dias de los Muertos … No matter what the (mainly western) religion, the days from 31st October through 2nd. November have a broadly shared significance. These are the days in the … Continue reading

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The Compass and the Map

The next morning wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. I guessed without having to get out of the bed that in the room there was a rather mild temperature. How did I know? Because I didn’t jump … Continue reading

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Map of Imagi Nation

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Keggy Answers the calling part 2

Calling part 2 The room before me was magnificent in every way! The ceiling was incredibly high, and a large circular window in the center revealed the sky. The sky was pitch black with thousands of sparkling lights. There were … Continue reading

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Keggy answers the call….. part 1

It was a particularly lovely morning in my cottage, the rain had just stopped except for a light drizzle still falling. I just finished baking several loaves of cornbread and stepped outside, the air smelled sweet and clean. It was … Continue reading

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Intro: Keggy Featherwolf

I am Kathy, an American artist and Creative Arts Therapist living on Long Island in New York with my husband, daughter and our lovely cats. When I was young I loved making art and hoped to become an artist like … Continue reading

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The Happiness Pendulum

(Image: Crocheted bag for the TAG Journey, SG November 2010) …I had decided on a dawn Going Forth, since I already know where I am going on the first leg of my Journey. After the Ceremony, I will go straight … Continue reading

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Tasks for “The Places”

This is the version of the place activities, for those who are arting along without a commitment. Part of the map creation process involved listing a number of special places for your character to visit during the journey. Some of … Continue reading

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Kalili answers the Call

It is time. My days and nights have been spent in this nourishing haven of a place, among other traveling artists. Some artists have already undertaken their journeys and some are still making their preparations. I have walked with other … Continue reading

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