Review – Pearl’s Journey

Story summary and where she is.

Pearl has just finished her first epic adventure.  She was abducted by Pogo Bugs, that took her to a cave, where she became part of a computer program…which they called a hive.  She was being monitored while she was invited to play some of the games on the computer.  She studied the games and found them not to be to her liking.  She consulted her friend Hack who is a computer expert .  He told her that the computer had been bugged by his cousins the Pogo Bugs.  Pearl decided that she really could not thrive in such an environment and wanted out.  She discovered a compass that when she put it around her neck and the outer ring of the compass on her finger that it would transport her back to the Guild.  She went to the Guild Hall for the first time and met the Guild Mistress.  She is waiting to go on her next adventure.

My Year End Review of Different Items.

The Traveling TrunkFor me the traveling trunk was a  visual representation of where I saw Pearl at the beginning of the journey.   It also was part of my vision of what was meant by the Journey.  It was a story drum.

I think the trunk was my shrine and I kept it in the same place during the whole year.  It contained my bag book, the clothes that I made for Pearl and any cloths (or quilt pieces) that I wasn’t working on.

The Paper Bag Book

This is my bag book.  I liked making it.  Each project made me invested in the idea of going on a journey.    I think the colors of the book cover show that I was excited about it.  I didn’t decorate my book however.  Mostly because I was busy working on a piece of cloth, which was my art medium of choice.

Small Journals

I never thought the book would become my primary focus as I had always wanted to illustrate my story with cloth.  But eventually it became very useful because I could not sew fast enough to tell my story.   I was able to use ATC size illustrations to move my story along.  I kept the cards in these little accordion booklets that I made.

To aid in writing the story I had a simple Composition book.  I would jot down ideas and images.    I didn’t mind messing it up.  It was a kind of scratch pad for the journey.

A Map

I thought that this part of the preparations was going to be really hard.  It was hard to let go of a right or wrong way to do this.  I felt like if I didn’t do it right that it would somehow effect the rest of the Journey.  I studied different maps before I drew this one.  I liked that other travelers were making different names for different place on their map.  So I did the same with a key in the back. What I found useful about the map was it got you in the mood to take a trip.   I got a sense of “PLACE” by creating the map and studying it.  It added a level of emotional bonding to the idea of going to the Imagi-Nation.

My Doll Pearl

I was especially drawn to the project because there was a doll involved.  I enjoyed making my doll and creating a wardrobe for her.

I actually made 9 outfits.  So you can see that I really enjoyed the doll part of the Journey.

I kept the doll Pearl close to my writing table and where I sewed the cloth.  So she was definitely a connection to the journey.

Where I Stand Statement

I have to say that my Journey was an absolute 10.  I really like the cloth that I made.  I love the story because it surprised me as it went along.

By the time I had the doll, the map and the suitcase I was thoroughly invested in going on the Journey. I am glad that I followed through and didn’t give up.  I appreciate Susan working with me in trying to get me started.  I am also glad that I was able to follow my own path.  I did something I never thought possible.  I WROTE A STORY and it interested me long enough to finish it.

I have decided not to continue with the Traveling Artist Guild.  I want  to continue the journey at my own pace.  I am really going to miss everyone. Everyone of you inspired me to keep writing my story by writing yours.   I look forward to following you as you journey into the next year.

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1 Response to Review – Pearl’s Journey

  1. Jill says:

    I am sorry you are not going to continue with TAG but understand your reasons. I shall continue to follow your journey.

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