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Welcome (back) to the Guild

Welcome back to the Travelling Artists’ Guild, one of Imagi-Nation’s most venerable organisations. Though you might not remember, you have been here before. Most of us visit for the first time as children, or in our dreams of what might … Continue reading

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Intro: Susan (Alba)

I’m Susan Letham, an English artist living in the north of Germany. In my “real” life, I’m fifty-something, have three adult children and several grandchildren, one of whom is journeying with us as a guild novice. This project is another … Continue reading

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Whetting Your Appetite

You’re thinking this journey project might be interesting. You’re thinking you’d like an idea of the kind of “arting around” the project might entail. Well, keep in mind that this journey will last one year and that nothing is as … Continue reading

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Call to Journey

Autumn in the Air So now it’s September. The equinox approaches. All around me I see the last fruits of summer ripening in fields and gardens and by waysides. My nature-wise friends tell me, the signs predict we’re in for … Continue reading

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