Whetting Your Appetite

You’re thinking this journey project might be interesting. You’re thinking you’d like an idea of the kind of “arting around” the project might entail. Well, keep in mind that this journey will last one year and that nothing is as yet chiseled in stone. This is how it begins. Read on…

All journeys require some kind of preparation. Here are basic outlines of the first projects you’ll undertake once. the journey begins. I hope the outlines will help you generate first thoughts and ideas for materials you might like to use.

A Travelling Trunk

For this journey you will need a travelling trunk of some description, to hold various items you make or find while journeying. Dimensions are up to you, though I suggest you keep in mind you’ll want to add various dimensional objects as you go. Ideally, all the journals and art you create during your journey should fit into the trunk/box. If you know you create large works, keep that in mind when choosing your journey box. You might go for something simple, like a boot-size shoe carton. Mine will be made from two three-bottle wooden wine crates. One of the first projects will be to find and then alter a box to create your travelling trunk.

Wine Boxes

Wine boxes

Paper Bag Book

A second project will be to create a paper bag book. For this, you’ll need three or four same-size paper bags. No need for specific-size designer bags. Use what you can find. I live in the middle of an art-and-craft-supply desert, so I’m accustomed to improvisation. I use 10-litre brown paper bags made to hold organic household waste. I get them at the drugstore: 10 for 99 cents. The bags measure approximately 30 x 20 cm when flat. They are strong and cheap and perfect for art. You can just as easily use lunch bags or mailing envelopes. At a pinch, you can create your own bags using brown wrapping paper and glue or double-sided sticky tape. The instructions I’ll share for making the paper bag book are adaptable to any size bag.

Paper Bags

Paper Bags

Small Journals

After that, you’ll create a single-signature pamphlet stitch journal or two, or three, or whatever, to fit in the pockets of your bag book. It takes three to five minutes to put this project together and it’s easy. Every writer and artist should know how to make these little journals. For my own journey, I’m going to whip up twelve of them in one sitting: one journal for each month. I’ll make mine postcard size, or maybe square, to fit in the pockets of my paper bag book. These journals, too, can be made any size you want.

A Map

Then you’ll create a special map — and learn a useful map fold, while you’re at it. Believe me, it will be wonderful. I’ve done map-making with hundreds of people over the years. Even kids as young as seven create fantastic maps and stories using my process. And once you experience what a powerful inspirational tool a map can be, you’ll be hooked.

A Doll

After that you’ll make a paper or cloth or mixed media doll to represent yourself at the outset of your journey.

And that’s just the beginning…

About artrites

Some people would see only a middle aged woman, albeit fairly well preserved, but in reality, I'm an English writer and artist (order exchangeable) living in Germany. I'm a blended learning specialist, graphic designer, and train adult education teachers, when I can find the work. There is far, far more to me that even that, of course, but discovering that is the journey you can undertake by reading this blog.
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