Synthesis of my TAG year (2010-2011)

Answers to Susan´s Questionnaire:

 …I have decided to answer it in this blog, so as to be able, looking back, to see my part of the collective Project as a whole, and also to put a closure to it, at least for this first year of the Guild. I have come full circle, as was the original purpose of the Project, Samhain 2010 to Samhain 2011.

Susan´s Questionnaire:

Mandatory: Return to the Guild
Wherever you are (your character is) on your journey, you
receive a message or call of some description asking you to
return to the Guild. Wherever you are, you will find a way,
perhaps even in magical form, to return to the Guild on or
before 30th September.

Where are you and what are you doing when you receive your
“please return to the Guild” call?

Vivian was already back at the Guild Halls, since I completed the story at the end of August. (TEMENOS: A Sacred Space) Since August, I have been been finishing the last “Process Work” posts.

The Characters, Mixed Media, SG, 2011.

In what form do you receive your call? How do you return to
the Guild?

My story being finished, Vivian returned to the Guild Halls in a direct bee-line. In other words, Vivian and Corwin “pagmooed” Home  through the Quantum Field of All-That-Exists, in a straight line, which was recorded on the Map as usual.

What do you experience upon you return to the Guild?

I feel that I am “right on time”, right on schedule, and Vivian too. I am very satisfied to have been able to complete the Journey.

Review the Shared Projects

At the outset, everyone was asked to create these projects:

– A Travelling Trunk
– Paper Bag Book
– Small Journals
– A Map
– Map Fold
– Map Bag/Pouch
– A Doll

Preparations, October 2010, SG.

Please briefly describe each of your projects.

Travelling Trunk
Short description:
Mixed Media box.

Personal thoughts on how interesting or useful you found
this project. How did you use the object? What role did it
play in your journey?:

None. I used it to guard the Journey material. Two other boxes joined the first one. I liked the fact that I could keep all the material together, since this gave a “substance” to the Journey right from the start, but “the boxes” were not invested emotionally.

– Paper Bag Book
Short description:

Started it, made a cover, and later dismantled it. Did not do anything further in it.

Personal thoughts on how interesting or useful you found
this project. How did you use the object? What role did it
play in your journey?:

None. No role. It is just one more object, not invested with any kind of significance.

– Small Journals
Short description:
Didn´t do the project.

– The Map
Short description:
Used a part of a Lord of the Rings poster, and later modified it (a lot).

Personal thoughts on how interesting or useful you found
this project. How did you use the object? What role did it
play in your journey?:

The completed map, October 2011, SG.

I found the concept of the Map very, very useful. In fact the Map has been the main invisible character in my story, it has been the link between the posts, because I could follow Vivian´s Journey on it, imagine it in details, very easily. It was like a movie in my head. It helped me to push the story along. I put it up on the door of a cupboard in my sleeping quarters, where I could see it the whole time. The Map was always the synthesis of the Journey for me, its very essence.

– A Doll
Short description:
A flat paper doll.

Personal thoughts on how interesting or useful you found
this project. How did you use the object? What role did it
play in your journey?:

The Doll, Oct. 2010, SG.

Vivian left the object back at the Guild Halls, as the Guild Mistress indicated. I found her again, below a mountain of soul cards and paintings, at the very end of the Journey. She is now in the center of my Journey altar. I did not invest her with a personality. I have felt much, much closer to my main character, Vivian, who wasn´t the doll.


 I would like to post a list of my TAG work for this year (2010-2011):

–          113 WordPress posts, in three categories (Journey, Process Work, Making Of), containing the whole story, which I am re-writing as Assignments for the London School of Journalism, where I am now a student.  

–          35 soul cards (collage),

–          23 watercolor paintings,

–          6 ATCs,

–          2 visual journals (Elvenland and The Book)

–          1 map,

–          6 significant objects (like The SynchroDestiny Captor and the Pagmoo)

Soul cards (collage work), SG, 2011.
Where I Stand Statement

Write a brief “where I stand” statement that roughly
outlines your journey and the point at which you ended your

Through Vivian I was looking for a Vision, and I did find it, or rather Vivian found it for me, and I, through her, am getting new understandings about my real life projects, almost every day.

I have a feeling of having “rounded-up” my own journey, as well as Vivian´s. And that I will now be able to “extract the real meaning”, the story-telling and the art having been only one part of this Journey. I need to think about, and work on, what emerged from my subconscious.

On a scale from 1 through 10, how far along in your journey
do you think you are when you received the call to return
to the Guild. A rating of “1” would mean something like
“still very much at the beginning” and a rating of “10”
would mean something like “fully completed”.

For me it is a juicy and fully finished 10! Journey completed. I went full circle from the Guild Halls to the Guild Halls, starting with one set of images, and ending the Journey in a completely different one, though I understand that it is the same Journey that, somehow, has changed levels during the year, in an inward-spiral.

Watercolor paintings, SG, October 2011.

Please describe briefly your experience of this project.
Please be open about your thoughts and feelings. Are there
(controllable) things you think/feel should be done
differently in a second round? If so, what are they?

No, I wouldn´t change anything. I need to be free to create and am very autonomous, and the circumstances of the TAG group itself did not affect my story-telling, or my art. So, if there is to be a second year, I would like to go on in the same way. I have no complaint and feel very satisfied with my own work, especially the story-telling part, which is a first for me, I have never before written a complete story, and certainly not through a whole year.

Leaving or Staying

Will you be leaving the group now? Or would you prefer to
stay in the group and journey for a second year?

If there is a second year, I will Journey one more year. As I said, I am going to work on and with the material that has emerged in the first year. It is possible that I will start another story, but next year.

Second Journey
Please list rules/conditions we didn’t have in this round of
the journey that you think we should apply to a second
journey. Should we abandon any of the “rules” we used in
this journey?

No, I feel OK about the original setting. I will go along with whatever the other participants decide, as long as your original impulse, Susan,  is kept alive.  I will not need new prompts.

Thank you, Susan, it´s been great.


If my Readers want to see more of my art, please click over to the Imladris Gallery, there is a folder there with the art of  the Journey, and many more creations, as well as a folder of pictures of the “real-Earth” Sanctuary, the ecopsychological Project I am working with in real life.

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