Return to the Guild ….

We arrived at the Guild Hall just as the sun was setting.  Angaewen said for me to go straight to the Guild Mistress as she would be waiting for me.

I made my way through the grounds, I had forgotten just how beautiful they are and how, almost magically, they suffuse one’s being with such a sense of calm and ease.

There she was, ahead of me, waiting in the doorway to greet me.  We embraced as long lost friends.  Such warmth, reminded me of the feel of Iolite.   The Mistress led me into a room which was softly lit and held the faint smell of jasmine.  She motioned for me to sit, indicating a beautifully upholstered armchair.  I sank into it, aaah, it was like being held by a huge, soft yet firm marshmallow – so comfortable!  She sat in another opposite me.

“So tell me, how was your trip,” she asked.

“Well, I have not been gone very long,” I replied, “but so far I have enjoyed it very much.  I have met a Whispering Woman, and the most astonishing Lizard who speaks!   He led me to the People of the Stone.  I was just introduced to them when Angaewen turned up to bring me back here.”

“I see you are not so happy about that.”

“Well, no,” I felt a little embarrassed.  “I had only just arrived and then it was time to leave, so yes, I do feel somewhat tetchy.  I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, as I know if it wasn’t for the Guild I would not have journeyed at all.”

“I understand.” She smiled softly at me.

“The reason you had to return here Willow, is precisely because you have begun your journey proper.”  She continued, “Up until this point you needed to be under the guidance or protection of the Guild.  Now you have met others who can guide you so it is no longer necessary for you to be attached to us here.”

“I am not sure I understand,” I said.
“When you started out, it was under the guidance of the Artists’ Guild. You left your facsimile of yourself here so that, if necessary, you could return at any time.  You no longer need that safety-net.  You are ready to continue your journey on your own.  Do you have any artwork that you have done on your journey so far?”

I reached into my bag and showed her the Lizard cloth which has begun, and also the larger Dreaming cloth.  I gave her my Sacred journey note and sketchbook.  She looked through, making small nodding movements as she read, smiling at the sketches and words before her.

“Wonderful.  It is exactly as I thought.  You have done all that you needed to for the Artists’ Guild.  You have begun to find your voice. You are now free to carry on your journey into the Misted Lands without the constraints of time upon you.  Here,”  she pointed to a table in the corner of the room, “Eat supper with me.  I shall then take you back to your original room and in the morning Angaewen will return you to the People of the Stone.  I am sure you will learn much from them.   I envy you in lots of ways, you are at the very beginning of, what I am sure, will be an exciting and rewarding adventure.  Always remember, you are never alone, even though, sometimes, it may feel that way, it is not so.”

“Thank you Mistress,” I said.  I was jumping for joy inside at the thought of being able to continue my journey.  I had thought that being called to return to the Guild was the end – in fact – it is only the start.

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The Journey Altar

Journey Altar, SG, 2010-2011.

…Last October I started a Journey altar, a special table in my bedroom where I have been putting some of the more significant objects and art concerning my TAG Journey. This helped me a lot to keep in touch with my original idea, and sustained me in my vision as the months passed.

It helped to keep me in touch with my story telling too.

Here is a picture of the Journey altar at the end of September 2011.


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Synthesis of my TAG year (2010-2011)

Answers to Susan´s Questionnaire:

 …I have decided to answer it in this blog, so as to be able, looking back, to see my part of the collective Project as a whole, and also to put a closure to it, at least for this first year of the Guild. I have come full circle, as was the original purpose of the Project, Samhain 2010 to Samhain 2011.

Susan´s Questionnaire:

Mandatory: Return to the Guild
Wherever you are (your character is) on your journey, you
receive a message or call of some description asking you to
return to the Guild. Wherever you are, you will find a way,
perhaps even in magical form, to return to the Guild on or
before 30th September.

Where are you and what are you doing when you receive your
“please return to the Guild” call?

Vivian was already back at the Guild Halls, since I completed the story at the end of August. (TEMENOS: A Sacred Space) Since August, I have been been finishing the last “Process Work” posts.

The Characters, Mixed Media, SG, 2011.

In what form do you receive your call? How do you return to
the Guild?

My story being finished, Vivian returned to the Guild Halls in a direct bee-line. In other words, Vivian and Corwin “pagmooed” Home  through the Quantum Field of All-That-Exists, in a straight line, which was recorded on the Map as usual.

What do you experience upon you return to the Guild?

I feel that I am “right on time”, right on schedule, and Vivian too. I am very satisfied to have been able to complete the Journey.

Review the Shared Projects

At the outset, everyone was asked to create these projects:

– A Travelling Trunk
– Paper Bag Book
– Small Journals
– A Map
– Map Fold
– Map Bag/Pouch
– A Doll

Preparations, October 2010, SG.

Please briefly describe each of your projects.

Travelling Trunk
Short description:
Mixed Media box.

Personal thoughts on how interesting or useful you found
this project. How did you use the object? What role did it
play in your journey?:

None. I used it to guard the Journey material. Two other boxes joined the first one. I liked the fact that I could keep all the material together, since this gave a “substance” to the Journey right from the start, but “the boxes” were not invested emotionally.

– Paper Bag Book
Short description:

Started it, made a cover, and later dismantled it. Did not do anything further in it.

Personal thoughts on how interesting or useful you found
this project. How did you use the object? What role did it
play in your journey?:

None. No role. It is just one more object, not invested with any kind of significance.

– Small Journals
Short description:
Didn´t do the project.

– The Map
Short description:
Used a part of a Lord of the Rings poster, and later modified it (a lot).

Personal thoughts on how interesting or useful you found
this project. How did you use the object? What role did it
play in your journey?:

The completed map, October 2011, SG.

I found the concept of the Map very, very useful. In fact the Map has been the main invisible character in my story, it has been the link between the posts, because I could follow Vivian´s Journey on it, imagine it in details, very easily. It was like a movie in my head. It helped me to push the story along. I put it up on the door of a cupboard in my sleeping quarters, where I could see it the whole time. The Map was always the synthesis of the Journey for me, its very essence.

– A Doll
Short description:
A flat paper doll.

Personal thoughts on how interesting or useful you found
this project. How did you use the object? What role did it
play in your journey?:

The Doll, Oct. 2010, SG.

Vivian left the object back at the Guild Halls, as the Guild Mistress indicated. I found her again, below a mountain of soul cards and paintings, at the very end of the Journey. She is now in the center of my Journey altar. I did not invest her with a personality. I have felt much, much closer to my main character, Vivian, who wasn´t the doll.


 I would like to post a list of my TAG work for this year (2010-2011):

–          113 WordPress posts, in three categories (Journey, Process Work, Making Of), containing the whole story, which I am re-writing as Assignments for the London School of Journalism, where I am now a student.  

–          35 soul cards (collage),

–          23 watercolor paintings,

–          6 ATCs,

–          2 visual journals (Elvenland and The Book)

–          1 map,

–          6 significant objects (like The SynchroDestiny Captor and the Pagmoo)

Soul cards (collage work), SG, 2011.
Where I Stand Statement

Write a brief “where I stand” statement that roughly
outlines your journey and the point at which you ended your

Through Vivian I was looking for a Vision, and I did find it, or rather Vivian found it for me, and I, through her, am getting new understandings about my real life projects, almost every day.

I have a feeling of having “rounded-up” my own journey, as well as Vivian´s. And that I will now be able to “extract the real meaning”, the story-telling and the art having been only one part of this Journey. I need to think about, and work on, what emerged from my subconscious.

On a scale from 1 through 10, how far along in your journey
do you think you are when you received the call to return
to the Guild. A rating of “1” would mean something like
“still very much at the beginning” and a rating of “10”
would mean something like “fully completed”.

For me it is a juicy and fully finished 10! Journey completed. I went full circle from the Guild Halls to the Guild Halls, starting with one set of images, and ending the Journey in a completely different one, though I understand that it is the same Journey that, somehow, has changed levels during the year, in an inward-spiral.

Watercolor paintings, SG, October 2011.

Please describe briefly your experience of this project.
Please be open about your thoughts and feelings. Are there
(controllable) things you think/feel should be done
differently in a second round? If so, what are they?

No, I wouldn´t change anything. I need to be free to create and am very autonomous, and the circumstances of the TAG group itself did not affect my story-telling, or my art. So, if there is to be a second year, I would like to go on in the same way. I have no complaint and feel very satisfied with my own work, especially the story-telling part, which is a first for me, I have never before written a complete story, and certainly not through a whole year.

Leaving or Staying

Will you be leaving the group now? Or would you prefer to
stay in the group and journey for a second year?

If there is a second year, I will Journey one more year. As I said, I am going to work on and with the material that has emerged in the first year. It is possible that I will start another story, but next year.

Second Journey
Please list rules/conditions we didn’t have in this round of
the journey that you think we should apply to a second
journey. Should we abandon any of the “rules” we used in
this journey?

No, I feel OK about the original setting. I will go along with whatever the other participants decide, as long as your original impulse, Susan,  is kept alive.  I will not need new prompts.

Thank you, Susan, it´s been great.


If my Readers want to see more of my art, please click over to the Imladris Gallery, there is a folder there with the art of  the Journey, and many more creations, as well as a folder of pictures of the “real-Earth” Sanctuary, the ecopsychological Project I am working with in real life.

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Hovo heads back

“You see, people have difficulty distinguishing between dream worlds, but it is all illusion,” the impish gnome said to me quite seriously.

“I am sorry, sir, what did you say?” I asked, not really quite understanding why he was talking to me.

“You heard me, ” he said a little sternly. “Come with me, I’ll show you what I mean.”

So I followed him. We went into a tree and then somehow we went down into the Earth and into other worlds. They were like ours, but different. I mean it was not like we were in the Earth, but just in another world.

“We are going to travel to 7 lands,” he told me.  I was a little confused as I needed to sit still a spell and stop moving. “But this is not possible,” he told me. “ As life is ever moving…”

“Have you brought with you the crystal ear  You will definitely need this for your travels.”

“And where was I to find this ear?” I asked,  a bit confused.  Your guardian guide should have instructed you on this, hmmm, let’s see,” he said.

The little man stayed there in front of me, but I have a feeling he really was elsewhere, I mean that he had temporarily left his body.  But before I knew it, he was back.

“Yes, just as I had suspected. Your guide was not instructed correctly.  My mistake.  Then you must return to the guild.  There, in the herb gardens you will find the statue of Archangel Raziel.  He is a very old angel and holds the secret to many alchemical truths.  Sit in the presence of this statue to get the next instructions…”  His voiced faded off and I wondered how I would find my way back to the guild without even a map or compass and that is when I remembered my music lessons and how I had learned to  sing notes to call up mindstates and or talk to animals, elementals, and so forth.  Since we had gone down into a tree, perhaps if I sang for a rabbit, I could then get it to take me back up.”

So I began singing “AHH Â Ôôô AHH Â AHH.”  That is all I remember.  When I woke up I was back on the bench in the guild gardens, back from where I started.  I could feel electricity in the air.  There was a feeling of anticipation.  I was excited because I learned that I would be meeting some remarkable adventurers, the kind you only meet once in a lifetime.  I was so happy that the little man sent me back when he did.  I knew my adventures would continue, but now I was being given an actual opportunity to meet some illustrious travellers 🙂

I couldn’t wait!

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Back to the Guild Hall

The Guild Hall moved through the blankscape and pulled up beside Jake on his big, fluffy, golden winged, pink bunny rabbit. He saw the horse stables on one side where once he had tried to escape from the Guild Hall, and a horse was waving at him. And he waved back. Jake went to land near the stables, and just as he was touching down three figures walked straight out of a door. One Jake recognised as the Guild Mistress, second was Orph back to a fairly normal human shape, but with a read ring where his hat had come off, and finally someone that Jake didn’t recognise at all, though he had a funny feeling that he knew him. He hopped off his Flying Bunny and walked over to them.

Embracing Orph he said, “It’s so good to see you, I wondered what had happened. Oh, here’s your hat.”

But Orph didn’t accept the hat, “No, it’s your now. You’ve earned it.”

“But… how?” asked a confused Jake.

“I think,” began the Guild Mistress, “You’re able to explain all of this by yourself.”

Jake didn’t question this, because in his heart of hearts he did know. And he had enough imagination now to figure out what had been going on.

He looked at the Flying Bunny and commanded it to “Become a piece of music,” and then its present form disappeared and in its place a new piece of music, unheard by anyone, filled the air.

“It’s got something to do with my artistic side, hasn’t it?”

The Guild Mistress nodded, “But it’s more than that.”

“It’s something to do with what’s up here,” he said pointing at his head, “and that too,” he indicated the music flying around them.

“Become a tree,” he commanded the music, and it became a magnificent oak tree. “And now a buffet table.” Magically, the tree shrunk and spread out; food appeared on top of it, and wonderful refreshments. Jake went over to it and scoffed himself silly; he didn’t remember having eaten since, well, since he’d come to Imagi-nation. But that was the strange way story time worked: some things could be conveniently skipped.

Jake looked at the buffet table and, through a mouthful of scone, he said, “That is my imagination.”

“How did you realise that?” the Guild Mistress asked.

“I don’t know, but ever since I released it from its prison I’ve felt more, well, imaginative.”

“Yes, I noticed that,” said Orph, “At some point Jake surprised me by acquiring a sense of humour.” He smiled at Jake and Jake smiled back.

“It’s my imagination, isn’t it?” Jake pointed at the buffet table. “It becomes whatever I want it to become.” At which point he told it to become a Zen garden and it did. “I released it from its prison in Big Plaice. And you helped me,” he said, turning his attention to the Guild Mistress and Orph. “And you,” he said to the stranger, “I know who you are and what you’ve been doing.” There was something accusatory about his tone of voice, but with an edge of humour.

“And you’ve helped me Jake,” said the stranger. “Without you there would be no story, and so no story writer, and no art either.”

“Thank you Adam, you put me through my paces, but I came through alright. I’m glad you were my “Journey Coordinator”,” Jake grabbed Adam’s hand and emphatically shook it, and even gave him a hug.

“You’re very welcome Jake. And any time you want an adventure you can always call on me to help create your story.” And with that Adam disappeared from their sight. “I’m still here, it’s just that it’s difficult to be in Imagi-nation and write the story at the same time.” And if you listened very carefully you could hear the tip-tap of a keyboard writing this story.

“So what are you going to do now?” asked Orph.

Jake thought, looking at the blankscape and said, “Make art, of course.” He waved a hand and suddenly part of the blankscape turned into Big Plaice, this time with a restored Fish Fry civilisation, and he waved his other hand and Hiêr appeared next to Big Plaice. Again, the Tribes of Big, Small and Medium all appeared.

But the still remained blank spaces on Jakes own artscape, places that still could be filled with other artscape, other art.

“And what are you going to do about those?” the Guild Mistress asked.

“Fill them in with art!”

“You mean you’re going to do more journeys?” gasped Orph.

Jake laughed, “Sort of, there’s still much more of Imagi-nation to discover.”

“Then we shall see more of Jake Fish?” the Guild mistress laughed.

“Perhaps, one day. But for the moment I’m staying right where I am.” He stood on the edge of the platform jutting from the Guild Hall, “I’m learning things, you see, I’m learning that all is not what it seems in Imagi-nation. You can be one thing one minute, and then something else quite different the next,” he looked quite pointedly at Orph who had become a fish, a pair of old binoculars, a backwards donkey and a fairy.

“I might return, but it won’t be as Jake Fish. The Guild Hall may return, but it won’t be the Guild Hall. The same goes for the Guild Planet and its artscape, and you two. And the Guild Star. You see, in Imagi-nation the forms and names keep changing, but the essence doesn’t. In a way this story is ending here, though we might return to it again and again. In another this story hasn’t ended, as there is also more stories to write and more art to make, especially in Imagi-nation!”

With that speech (that left I, the Guild Mistress and Orphy speechless with surprise) Jake commanded the buffet table back into a Flying Bunny and flew back down to his artscape, transforming it and creating many beautiful landscapes.

And a piece of paper had fallen from Jake’s hand to the floor at Orph’s feet, and he picked it up and looked at it. To anyone’s eyes it was just a bunch of scribbles made by a child, as it had been for Jake at the beginning of this story, but Orph knew it was a drawing of Jake’s from his childhood, an attempt at drawing his house. And indeed, in Jake’s handwriting, the word “home” was written where it hadn’t been before, and Orph knew Jake had come home.

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Mocha Tea

“Some tea?”  asked Ilan’s mentor while putting a kettle with water on the stove.

Feeling comforted by the warmth that the stove produced for the whole room, Ilan nodded to him and continued staring at the landscape outside through the window. Her eyes followed the river that meandered between little hills and she remained in silent meditation for a while, until Sen approached her and handed her a cup of tea that had such a typical smell of Japanese mocha tea.

This precise moment happened also at the beginning of Ilan’s adventure. The same feelings, the same old man serving a mocha tea, the same window and the same warmth in the room, but this time, Ilan was changed inside. She didn’t feel that kind of excitement that used to make her feel anxious, instead she felt a deep peace taking place within her.

“Aren’t you going to tell me anything about your holidays, Ilan?

Ilan was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t hear Sen, but she started to talk to him, “You know Sen, when I went through that well, I had a vision…”

“I’m all ears then, dear Ilan”

“I…I had this beautiful vision about myself. My whole body was the earth itself, and my head was sort of blending with the stars. I felt connected to all sentient and non-sentient beings, with all matter, and in spirit I became one with my inner guide: a woman that I found at the end of the cave, in the well, as a reflection. I was her and she was me.”

“It’s good” said Sen. “It’s very good.”

“Is it?”

Then Sen explained… “Do you remember what I told you before your departure? In Beauty we are united, through beauty we pray, with beauty we conquer. Do you remember now?”

“Yes, of course I remember this.” Said Ilan.

She stood in silence for a while, and then it struck her.

“I know! I’ve done it, I mean, I went through it, didn’t I!?” Ilan was bursting of joy.

Sen nodded proudly.

“Your journey was a total success, Ilan, dear child”

Ilan didn’t have words, so she just got up and hugged her mentor.

Sen sighed in relief and then said “So now will you tell me all about your adventures?”

Ilan and Sen spent the whole afternoon talking and laughing, and making more tea, and then she had a good sleep; her last night in Imagi-nation.

The next morning, Shobogenzo San was waiting for her in the stables and they rode a last time in the valley that laid behind the Guild Halls. At noon they came back and they prepared to go back home, to their island. But before, Ilan had a mission, something she hadn’t quite resolved…

She went to see the Guild mistress who knew all about her journey already, thanks to Sen’s uncontrollable tongue, and after saying hello and share a few words, she finally asked…”I have a doubt and I need to resolve it before I leave, I couldn’t leave without knowing some news about Dolkar. Is he ok? Did he accomplish his dream of taming his wild stallion?”

The Guild Mistress asked Ilan to approach a cauldron she had on a support on the floor, and in the cauldron an image appeared. It was Dolkar, and he was riding his recently acquired wild horse. “Oh, he did it! he did it! I’m so happy for him!” In the image, Dolkar stood on top of a little hill and seemed to look straight into Ilan’s direction.

“He can see you, Ilan”

“Can he?” said Ilan whilst she waved at Dolkar

The Guild mistress smiled and put her hand on Ilan’s shoulder. “You’ve been very brave, Ilan… You’ll be able to come back at any time and see Dolkar again, and all the friends you made in Imagi-nation”

Dolkar then waved too and disappeared over the hill.

On that day, a few hours later, Ilan and Shobogenzo San crossed the invisible gate that separated Imagi-nation from her own world and rode back home to see her mother. When they saw each other, Ilan’s mum begged Ilan to not tell anything for she could already see the new light shining in the heart of her daughter. There was no need for words.

Only one last thing Ilan asked her mum before she went to bed, and that was a warm comforting mocha tea.

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Jake’s Confrontation

Jake was once again in the Non-zone, that non-space where all stories go when they are not being read, or tolled or remembered. But it wasn’t the Non-Zone, it was something else, something stranger. For one thing in the real Non-Zone there was no time, and here he definitely had the sensation of time, even if he could see no sign of it. And he was standing on solid floor, which the Non-Zone didn’t have, and of course there was no gravity there either.

It was like he was standing in the normal world with a mist of “Non-Zoneness” surrounding him and everything around him. There was time and space, but it was covered in a mist of non-time and non-space through which nothing could be seen. Jake wished he could see where he was.

All of a sudden the non-mist jumped into the air and hovered above Jake, leaving the view of his surroundings clear. Jake saw an empty landscape, like a blank canvas. Empty, except for Jake, the non-mist and the empty top hat rolling around Jake’s feet. It was Orph’s top hat, but there was no Orph attached to it. What had happened to him?

He looked up at the non-mist suspended in the air and realised something: that what he was looking at was what he had been chasing around Imagi-nation, the thing he’d released from the depths of its prison in Big Plaice; this was the Great Evil.

Suddenly the mist went from being a non-mist to a dark and sinister cloud, like a thunder cloud with a very bad headache and bad breath. Gosh, did it smell. It loomed over Jake in a menacing way. Jake looked at the empty hat and wished Orph was here, and then he thought that maybe the Great Evil had done something with Orph. Maybe it ate Orph and left the hat?

Jake could have cowered and quivered, but he didn’t. He put on the top hat and braced himself for a fight. For an added boost of dramatic oomph he muttered “Fear me,” just as he had seen in the movies. The Great Evil did something very unusual; it started to quiver and cower in front of Jake.

“Stop cowering and quivering,” Jake said. And it did.

“Stop looking like a menacing black cloud with bad breath,” and it went back to its no-mist state.

Jake thought and then said, “Be a giant fluffy pink bunny rabbit and hop all over the place,” and do you know what?

It did.

Jake wanted to see more of this place so he commanded the “Great Evil” (although it didn’t seem so great and certainly was not in the least bit evil) to grow wings. It grew magnificent golden wings and let Jake leap onto its back, and they flew up high into the sky so that Jake could see where he was.

They flew to a great height and Jake could see a patchwork landscape; not the sort you find in England with fields divided by hedgerows. No, this was stranger. There was the landscape he had just come from, which was blank with no details, and then surrounding it there were other landscapes too; a watercolourscape North; an acrylic-paintsscape to the West; wood-carvingscape to the South; and collagescape to the East. This landscape was a work of art, several in fact, and with that Jake knew he’d arrived back at the Guild Planet, and that he had arrived in what the Guildmistress had called the Danger Zone, so called because if you enter into an artscape without the artist knowing you may become part of that art and become irreversibly changed. Also it was directly exposed to the Guild Star, a source of pure imagination, and so subject to all sorts of weird happenings. Jake wondered how it might be affecting him, but he needn’t have worried because just then the Flying Bunny created a bubble around them to protect Jake from the worst of the Star’s affects.

Jake wondered where the Guild Halls might be, and just then, on the horizon, a giant ship-like object appeared, travel through the artscapes towards Jake.

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The Gate and the Pool

They dismounted the Dodo and thanked him for the ride. They also decided to call him “Toc-toc” and that he was a he.

“Toc-toc!” he said in a happy mood.

“Wow, I think he said you’re welcome!” said Tenzin

“Toc-toc” repeated the Dodo and nuzzled Tenzin on her chest.

“I think Toc-toc likes you after all,” said Ilan

Tenzin sighed and then the Dodo pushed Ilan in the direction of the cave to let them know they had to go that way now.

“Thanks for everything,” said Ilan a last time before Toc-Toc disappeared into the forest.

“Cool dude that bird…” said Tenzin

Ilan shook her head indulgently.

The entry of the cave was carved as an arched door and when they stepped inside, all went pitch black.

“I hear water, Tenzin, do you?”

“Yep, it sounds like a waterfall,” said Tenzin

“Here, let’s hold hands together so we don’t get lost, I can’t see anything!” said Ilan now nervously.

They held hands and walked slowly, and with their hands that were left free they were touching the walls on both sides. The walls were cold and wet and the floor was slippery. After a few metres they saw a light at the end of the tunnel and they could see much better in the dark. Then Ilan thought that it was kind of strange that she was feeling nervous, but not scared.

“It’s funny,” said Tenzin out loud “I’m nervous but I’m not scared at all.”

“My thoughts exactly,” replied Ilan.

Now they stood in front of a big arched door, twice the size of the entrance of the cave, and on the inside the view was spectacular. A big hole pierced the roof of the cave letting the daylight come through. The light came down in several rays of sun and illuminated a small pool filled with underground water. They entered the chamber and stood before the pool.

“And now what?” said Ilan whilst staring at the pool.

“Now….we drink!”

“Drink?” Ilan frowned.

“Why not?” said Tenzin

Ilan thought it wasn’t such a bad idea, so while they kneeled they bent over the pool and collected in their palms some water, and drank.

Then in the pool appeared an image. It was a person; A woman. And she said “Friends, oh friends, you’ve come to the end of the journey, of this journey. “

“Who are you?” asked Ilan “What is your name?”

“My name, is Mika, and I’m your inner guide. In other words, it’s me who’s been guiding you all the way,” said the mysterious woman’s reflection in the pool.

“What do I do now, is that really the end of everything, of my journey?”

“It is the end of this journey, there will be more, but now you must say good-bye to Tenzin and jump in the pool to rejoin the Guild Halls.”

“Will I see Tenzin again?” asked Ilan.

“You will find all your answers at home, and at the Guild Halls, now you must leave the island…”

“I don’t like to say good bye, Tenzin,” said Ilan whilst she held Tenzin against her chest, hugging each other.

“Then say see you later, for I am sure that we will see each other soon again.”

“Then see you later, Tenzin” said Ilan trusting Tenzin’s words. And she jumped into the pool.

Tenzin stood there a moment, staring into the pool and said her last words to Ilan.

“See you later, indeed”

And she disappeared as if by magic.

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Review – Pearl’s Journey

Story summary and where she is.

Pearl has just finished her first epic adventure.  She was abducted by Pogo Bugs, that took her to a cave, where she became part of a computer program…which they called a hive.  She was being monitored while she was invited to play some of the games on the computer.  She studied the games and found them not to be to her liking.  She consulted her friend Hack who is a computer expert .  He told her that the computer had been bugged by his cousins the Pogo Bugs.  Pearl decided that she really could not thrive in such an environment and wanted out.  She discovered a compass that when she put it around her neck and the outer ring of the compass on her finger that it would transport her back to the Guild.  She went to the Guild Hall for the first time and met the Guild Mistress.  She is waiting to go on her next adventure.

My Year End Review of Different Items.

The Traveling TrunkFor me the traveling trunk was a  visual representation of where I saw Pearl at the beginning of the journey.   It also was part of my vision of what was meant by the Journey.  It was a story drum.

I think the trunk was my shrine and I kept it in the same place during the whole year.  It contained my bag book, the clothes that I made for Pearl and any cloths (or quilt pieces) that I wasn’t working on.

The Paper Bag Book

This is my bag book.  I liked making it.  Each project made me invested in the idea of going on a journey.    I think the colors of the book cover show that I was excited about it.  I didn’t decorate my book however.  Mostly because I was busy working on a piece of cloth, which was my art medium of choice.

Small Journals

I never thought the book would become my primary focus as I had always wanted to illustrate my story with cloth.  But eventually it became very useful because I could not sew fast enough to tell my story.   I was able to use ATC size illustrations to move my story along.  I kept the cards in these little accordion booklets that I made.

To aid in writing the story I had a simple Composition book.  I would jot down ideas and images.    I didn’t mind messing it up.  It was a kind of scratch pad for the journey.

A Map

I thought that this part of the preparations was going to be really hard.  It was hard to let go of a right or wrong way to do this.  I felt like if I didn’t do it right that it would somehow effect the rest of the Journey.  I studied different maps before I drew this one.  I liked that other travelers were making different names for different place on their map.  So I did the same with a key in the back. What I found useful about the map was it got you in the mood to take a trip.   I got a sense of “PLACE” by creating the map and studying it.  It added a level of emotional bonding to the idea of going to the Imagi-Nation.

My Doll Pearl

I was especially drawn to the project because there was a doll involved.  I enjoyed making my doll and creating a wardrobe for her.

I actually made 9 outfits.  So you can see that I really enjoyed the doll part of the Journey.

I kept the doll Pearl close to my writing table and where I sewed the cloth.  So she was definitely a connection to the journey.

Where I Stand Statement

I have to say that my Journey was an absolute 10.  I really like the cloth that I made.  I love the story because it surprised me as it went along.

By the time I had the doll, the map and the suitcase I was thoroughly invested in going on the Journey. I am glad that I followed through and didn’t give up.  I appreciate Susan working with me in trying to get me started.  I am also glad that I was able to follow my own path.  I did something I never thought possible.  I WROTE A STORY and it interested me long enough to finish it.

I have decided not to continue with the Traveling Artist Guild.  I want  to continue the journey at my own pace.  I am really going to miss everyone. Everyone of you inspired me to keep writing my story by writing yours.   I look forward to following you as you journey into the next year.

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The Cave

The Dodo carried them a long way through the forest, through palm tree groves and big fields of green grass. Ilan and the otter remained silent all the way because it looked like the bird did know where it was going. Never before, neither of them had ridden a Dodo before, not even a bird, so they fully gave themselves to the experience. Ilan thought of the whole adventure she’d been through with Tenzin, and a smile appeared on her face whilst she bounced on the Dodo’s back. Tenzin herself was grateful that the journey had given her a voice to talk with Ilan, her dearest of dearest humans. Then their thoughts became synchronistic, but this, only I know. A deep secret remained between them, and a sacred but invisible circle was drawn around their friendship. They thought in that moment, although they didn’t share that thought, that the essence of their friendship was indestructible and would never be broken till the end of time. Then the bird stopped, and in front of them, a cave. A dark cave.

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