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Hovo heads back

“You see, people have difficulty distinguishing between dream worlds, but it is all illusion,” the impish gnome said to me quite seriously. “I am sorry, sir, what did you say?” I asked, not really quite understanding why he was talking … Continue reading

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In the gardens…

Following breakfast,  I went out on to the Guild grounds. What was neat were the seasons. With so many powerful souls in and around the guild, the weather pretty much depended on how or what the majority of guild guests … Continue reading

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Looking around

I can’t remember how much I slept, but I must have been pretty tired.  So much seemed to have been going on; it was like I was living several parallel lives all at the same time. “You will get used … Continue reading

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Hovo gets ready to leave…

When I think of the day I left for the guild, I am filled with music… and memories of great beauty… I spent the day absorbing energy from the little settlement that I had grown so accustomed to. I don’t … Continue reading

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Hovovetaso and the full moon…

Hovovetaso and the full moon… I heard the Guildmistress call one night of the full moon when I was a couple worlds away, dancing with the Targi tribe of Indians in the desert plains of Esperanz.  I was there studying … Continue reading

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Meet Hovovetaso

Meet Hovovetaso, a Cheyenne Indian name that means “Dragonfly.”  The spirits call her Hovo for short, as she sometimes moves so quickly that no one has time to say her entire name.  Actually, it is only illusion that she moves … Continue reading

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Gena Lumbroso (Colorado (USA)/France)

Travels as Hovovetaso I love creating and making art because they set me free, let me fly, and are just plain fun. The process pushes me to discover my own energies, to excavate my own resources, to get to … Continue reading

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