Intro: Susan (Alba)

I’m Susan Letham, an English artist living in the north of Germany. In my “real” life, I’m fifty-something, have three adult children and several grandchildren, one of whom is journeying with us as a guild novice. This project is another of my wild, artsy ideas.

Like — I would guess — many of us, art was the road I did not take when I was young, though I was encouraged to do so. At the time, I couldn’t see myself as an artist and didn’t understand why others suggested I look in that direction. I couldn’t draw figuratively, I had no particular sense of perspective, and I couldn’t paint a still life to save myself. A decade or so later, I stood in front of the first Hundertwasser I’d ever seen, and then it clicked. From then on in, things looked up.

These days, I’m a mixed media artist and amateur bookbinder, though my favorite medium has always been paper, along with anything that can be slapped or glued or marked or sewn onto it. At any given time, I’ll typically have around ten projects on the go. Let me think… Right now, I’m knitting arm warmers for the approaching winter, sewing dotee dolls for a swap, glueing wooden discs to a rather large canvas, to make a picture for my living room. Yesterday I purchased book board for photo album covers (advent bazaar) and an hour ago I ordered straw bases for the advent wreaths (also advent bazaar). I’ve got Zentangles piling up on my other desk, along with the prototype for some rather nifty filigree flowers made from kitchen-towel rolls. Oh, I almost forgot the pile of ephemera and magazine pages I’m putting together for the above-mentioned guild novice.

You get the idea? My tiny, tiny apartment is really a workshop, in which I also just happen to live.

But back to this project and the story. I’ll be travelling under the story name “Alba”. All my personal story and related artwork posts will carry this tag. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and learning about the journeys you are about to undertaking in the in the realm of Imagi-Nation.

About artrites

Some people would see only a middle aged woman, albeit fairly well preserved, but in reality, I'm an English writer and artist (order exchangeable) living in Germany. I'm a blended learning specialist, graphic designer, and train adult education teachers, when I can find the work. There is far, far more to me that even that, of course, but discovering that is the journey you can undertake by reading this blog.
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