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An Artist’s Ending

We are at the end of the year’s journey with the Travelling Artists’ Guild, and Susan has asked us all to respond to certain questions. Here is my reply. ———————————————————- Mandatory: Return to the Guild ———————————————————- Wherever you are (your … Continue reading

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Keggy Answers the calling part 2

Calling part 2 The room before me was magnificent in every way! The ceiling was incredibly high, and a large circular window in the center revealed the sky. The sky was pitch black with thousands of sparkling lights. There were … Continue reading

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Keggy answers the call….. part 1

It was a particularly lovely morning in my cottage, the rain had just stopped except for a light drizzle still falling. I just finished baking several loaves of cornbread and stepped outside, the air smelled sweet and clean. It was … Continue reading

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Tasks for “The Places”

This is the version of the place activities, for those who are arting along without a commitment. Part of the map creation process involved listing a number of special places for your character to visit during the journey. Some of … Continue reading

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Alba’s Map

This is Alba’s map. I’d say it’s around two-thirds of the way completed, but that seems right for now. I have a hunch Alba will learn more about the map tomorrow, and the rest will become evident as she journeys. … Continue reading

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