Keggy Answers the calling part 2

Calling part 2

The room before me was magnificent in every way! The ceiling was incredibly high, and a large circular window in the center revealed the sky. The sky was pitch black with thousands of sparkling lights. There were crimson, cobalt and amber mists that moved about over my head, and off to one side what appeared to be the most incredible fire red moon I had ever seen. The walls were the palest of pinks and were covered with magnificent pieces of art. The floor was a deep chestnut with black and white patterned carpets scattered about. There were lit candles of every size and color scattered throughout the room on giant silver candlestick holders dripping with crystals. There were topiaries and fresh roses in vases and a roaring fireplace along side of a huge sofa covered with the palest of green satin pillows.

“It’s so beautiful!” I said out loud. A voice behind me spoke “Why thank you my dear, Welcome to Imagi” I spun to see who was speaking and saw an elegant  woman dressed in a flowing yellow gown standing beside me.  “Welcome Keggy Featherwolf, glad you could come so quickly, I hope you had a good trip” I curtseyed and offered her my bundles of daisies and basil. She thanked me and smiled at me so genuinely I was moved.  She handed me a map and explained to me that I was called upon to explore the nation of “Imagi.”

Over a sumptuous meal followed by tea and berries she told me that I was welcomed to stay at the Guild Hall until I was ready to depart. At some point Duboi returned to show me to my room where I immediately fell into bed and into a deep sleep. I woke up during the night wondering if the metallic tube, the Guild Hall and the entire trip were just a dream. But as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see a crystal pitcher of water on the table next to my bed and leaning against it was the map of Imagi. I knew I was far from home.


I was awoken in the morning by the lovely sweet smell of cinnamon. I bathed and dressed and headed down to the main hall where Duboi was holding a breakfast tray for me that was fit for a queen. After eating he told me a little about the Imagi-nation and said it was best to learn more on my own. I decided to plan my adventure as I go and travel above land as much as possible, but my first stop would be what caught my eye first on the map, the Star caves. I am not sure where I will go after that but after speaking with Duboi I know that when I leave the guild hall in Crimson I will be visiting the Pattern Islands, Mt Cloud (they say you can see all of Imagi from its peak). Jagons Temple, Basil Fields (since I just love basil) Shadow tip, Bell Rock,  Lake Sam, the Crayon Gardens, Lost key Island, ZuZu temple, Dark Rock forest, Button Lake, Pearl Temple, The mumbling stones, MT Ghost, and  I must see the Plum Ocean up close! So much to see and no time to waste! Tomorrow morning I will be off to the Star Caves!

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4 Responses to Keggy Answers the calling part 2

  1. vivian says:

    …Looking forward to visiting these places through your inner eyes! Welcome to the Guild, Keggy!

  2. artrites says:

    Your journey promised to be a delight for us all.

  3. Linda D. says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your first 2 instalments, wonderful descriptions and great story 🙂
    Zentara Shadowsoul/ Linda.

  4. artemysos says:

    Lovely imagery, Keggy! like youart work.

    XX Gena/Hovo

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