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There is just something about whale riding.

As we flew towards the Hyden Sea the afternoon was winding down. The water was an amazing shade of deep purple with flecks of blue and gold bubbling in the surf. The sun was low on the horizon against a … Continue reading

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A lucky break

When I awoke again I was lying on a soft cot and there was a pretty woman sitting next to me with very long dark hair. She had her hand on my wrist but was watching a man who appeared … Continue reading

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What is going on?

I was woken by a large wet wing smacking me in the face. Diga was standing over me looking quite perturbed. Several other Zsu Zsu birds were standing aside her also looking down at me. “What’s going on?” I asked … Continue reading

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I’m not like everyone else.

I didn’t know what to make of what had happened. The box was locked tight and there didn’t seem to be anyway to reopen it. I decided I would bed down for the night under a nearby tree until morning. … Continue reading

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Star Caves

The Star Caves are on the westerly coast of Imagi, near the Hyden Sea.   It was a short hike north through Knotting to get to the Red Bead River. I found a boat that took me north all the way … Continue reading

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I woke up in the morning with a mystery on my mind. Last night I had gone to bed thinking about the trip I was about to take to the Star Caves. Apparently though, during the night something very peculiar … Continue reading

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Map of Imagi Nation

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Keggy Answers the calling part 2

Calling part 2 The room before me was magnificent in every way! The ceiling was incredibly high, and a large circular window in the center revealed the sky. The sky was pitch black with thousands of sparkling lights. There were … Continue reading

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Keggy answers the call….. part 1

It was a particularly lovely morning in my cottage, the rain had just stopped except for a light drizzle still falling. I just finished baking several loaves of cornbread and stepped outside, the air smelled sweet and clean. It was … Continue reading

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Intro: Keggy Featherwolf

I am Kathy, an American artist and Creative Arts Therapist living on Long Island in New York with my husband, daughter and our lovely cats. When I was young I loved making art and hoped to become an artist like … Continue reading

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