Tasks for “The Places”

This is the version of the place activities, for those who are arting along without a commitment.

Part of the map creation process involved listing a number of special places for your character to visit during the journey. Some of the places may appear similar in character, at first glance, but there are subtle differences. Explore the subtleties.

If you didn’t list all the places, don’t worry. There is probably a reason why you left some of them out.

There are activities for your journey character to complete in each of “The Places” on his or her map.

The Higher Ground: This place is “higher ground” both in the physical and the manner of speaking senses. Find a high place–a vantage point–from which you can overlook at least part of the territory through which you are traveling.
Activity: What do you see from there? Express this in art.

The Place of Great Beauty: This place will be the ideal location, the most wonderful place of natural beauty you can imagine. What do you see there? How does it make you feel? What effect does this beauty have no you and what does it mean for your journey. What changes for you as you find and experience this place?
Activity: Write/create something that shows the place and the overarching view, then zoom in on one detail and write or create something that shows the meaning of that detail.

The Place of Safety: You need not be in danger when you find your place of safety — though you might, of course. You may simply need a place to rest for a while. Describe a place that offers safety and security (and from what).
Activity: Create a small, preferably wearable piece of art (perhaps an amulet, magic pouch, or…) that will help you to carry something of this sense of safety with you.

The Place of Joy: When you reach this place, you will find a meaningful symbol and message of some description hidden in an unexpected place. You will fully and completely understand the meaning of any symbols you find. You might also encounter a person or being.
Activity: Create a work of art to show the symbol of joy and the person or being.

The Place of Power: Here you will find or receive an object that gives you strength and power at whatever levels you need it: physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual.
Activity: How or from whom or what did you receive this object?  How will you use your power?

The Place of Communion: The Place of Communion is a place of meditation or a sacred space of some description. Whose sacred space is it? To whom or what is it dedicated? What do people do there and why? How do you feel there? Is there, or should there be, some kind of ritual involved?
Activity: Write/art about the ritual.

The place that shows traces of the Deep Past: This landscape or ruin of some description is left over from a past civilization. What civilization? In what relationship does the ancient civilization stand to the modern one (in the Imagi-Nation, in which your journey is taking place)? What message or meaning do you take from this place?
Activity: You find an artifact of some kind there. Create the artifact.

The Place of Sadness: Sadness is part of our lives. Find a place for your character to take sadness when it comes. What is the place and what do you do with the sadness once it has been expressed? How is your sadness shared?
Activity: Write/create something that expresses your sadness. Take it with you to the Place of Solace.

The Place of Solace: What knowledge or insight or person would offer you solace, and for what reason or because of which events do you need consolation?
Activity: Write/create something that expresses your solace.

The Place of Secrets: Find a Keeper of Secrets (character). You might approach this place as the bearer of a secret you feel you want to share, because secrets carried alone are too much of a burden, or, as someone to whom a secret is revealed, or both.
Activity: Think of a secret from your real life. Create a 4×6 inch postcard and mail it to “Post Secret”:

The Place of Truth: We can’t always see the truth clearly, and there’s a danger that we might accept someone else’s truth as our own. Find a place where your protagonist can ask to be shown the truth.
Activity: Write/create something that shows how you find and discern and define your truth.

The place where you are needed: In this place, you will encounter people who have a need they cannot meet on their own. You are the person who can help them meet that need, either by doing something, or by offering advice, by gifting an item you no longer need, or by training someone to do what is required. Write/create something that describes and shows what the need was and how you met that need (in relation to your story).
Activity: Make a list of your real life skills and talents. All of them! It should take you a while.

The place where you can work: This might be the place where you were/are needed, but it might be a different place. What kind of work do you do, and what is the outcome of that work for all involved? Perhaps you learn a new kind of work here. If so, what work is it and why and from whom do you learn it?
Activity: Look at the art-related talents in the list you wrote in “the place where you are needed”. Make someone a gift of “just one day” (6-8 hours) of your time and share your artistic talent with them.

The Place of Knowledge: The place of knowledge is a grand oracle: nothing is quite as obvious as it seems. How does the oracle work and how do you test the “knowledge” the oracle provides?
Activity: Create an oracle

The Place of Healing: Find a healer. Allow yourself to be healed or to be part of the healing for others. You may need to develop some skill or power to do this.
Activity: Write/create something that describes or symbolizes the Place of Healing and the healing method(s) used there.

The Darkest Place: The darkest place houses your fear. You may confront fear here or may banish it to this place and give it a wide berth.
Activity: Write/create something that describes fear and the Darkest Place and the way in which you confront, avoid, and/or overcome it on your journey.

The Honor Place: Find a place where you are honored–perhaps for bravery, perhaps for some other trait–and for being a larger than life self. In this place, your heroic traits and qualities are seen and honored by all. Name the qualities for which your character is revered and write/create something that shows that honor.
Activity: Write and illustrate a letter, scroll, or mini-journal that shows and describes you (your character) and your heroic qualities. Make it beautiful and meaningful and just a little mysterious. Deposit your letter or journal in a place where a stranger will find it. For example, you might leave it in a busy place, like a railway station, or tuck it inside a book in a public library or art gallery. Do not include explanations or return addresses. Make it possible for someone to wonder.

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