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Character’s Bio/ Ilan Misaki

My name is Ilan Misaki and I was born in Yakushima Island of the Kirishima National Park in south Japan. It happened during spring, in a beautiful and warm morning of the 26th of april in 1979 whilst my mum … Continue reading

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Meet Isabelle Dragon Issy for short

Meet Isabelle Dragon  Issy for short I am a fairy by choice and a dragon by nature, if you can call a 7 inch tall purple dragon with rainbow scales natural.  I look much better as a fairy . I … Continue reading

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Intro: Susan (Alba)

I’m Susan Letham, an English artist living in the north of Germany. In my “real” life, I’m fifty-something, have three adult children and several grandchildren, one of whom is journeying with us as a guild novice. This project is another … Continue reading

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