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Artist and writer, I create healing dolls and write stories about them.

Guidance from the Land: Preparing for the Journey to Flootnern Mountain

The next morning dawns colder than the previous day and a dense fog has settled over the land. What previously had been an open vista to Flootnern Mountain, waiting for us beyond the fog, is now an impenetrable grey. “We … Continue reading

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Ritual in honor of the bears

We are standing in front of a deep pit in the ground, a few yards away from Muntringer Road, Loretta and I and my animal guides, Perry and Kerry. Together Loretta and I had performed a simple magic spell to … Continue reading

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Kalili’s adventure along Muntringer Road

Kalili’s adventure along Muntringer Road Loretta and I had been walking for a few hours when we came upon a strange sight. At the side of the Muntringer Road, a long and windy road, we see what at first looked … Continue reading

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Kalili embarks on her journey in Ysadluftvelt, the Overworld after a haitus

I awaken and look around me. I know that time has passed while I was asleep but have the strange sensation that I have no way of measuring how much time has passed. But what is clear is that I … Continue reading

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Loretta will travel with Kalili….

Here she is almost ready. Please see Kalili’s blog for more information about her.  

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Kalili’s map is ready

The map for my journey is finally (almost) complete. Soon I will embark upon the first stop in my journey. The map has two parts, the underworld, with which I am very familiar and will be visiting again during the … Continue reading

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Kalili answers the Call

It is time. My days and nights have been spent in this nourishing haven of a place, among other traveling artists. Some artists have already undertaken their journeys and some are still making their preparations. I have walked with other … Continue reading

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Kalili makes her preparations for the call

Kalili has been somewhat distracted over the last week but has made some progress on the preparations for her journey. Come and view what she has done on her own blog.

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Kalili awaits the Journey

My world is a mysterious one to those who live in the above world. What to me is second nature and comfortable as my own skin, can appear strange and even frightening to those who are unfamiliar with my ways. … Continue reading

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