Intro: Keggy Featherwolf

I am Kathy, an American artist and Creative Arts Therapist living on Long Island in New York with my husband, daughter and our lovely cats.

When I was young I loved making art and hoped to become an artist like my grandfather.  I loved being in his studio. His studio always smelled of oil paint and there were so many wonderful things in it, like; mosaic tiles, pieces of china, porcelain, ivory,  and bits of carved wood. These things were, and still are, like precious tiny treasures to me. But I was discouraged from pursuing any artistic goals in high school and went into the business world where I remained for far too long.

I was rescued 21 years ago from that world by my daughter when I became a mother. Motherhood rekindled that creative fire that had been almost extinguished.  I learned from playing working with children that I didn’t need to be a perfect, or even a good artist, it was the simple act of creating that brought joy. In following that passion and mindset I went back to college to become a Creative Arts therapist.

I consider myself to be a mixed media artist.  I collect all types of media to use and share with my clients. I love learning new techniques and coming up with my own ideas. My studio is jam packed with all types of media and some rather odd items that I  collect and play with.

In this journey with the Traveling Artsts Guild my name will be Keggy Featherwolf.  A name I took long ago that represents my more creative nature. I am looking forward to getting to know the others in the Guild and explore this Imagi-Nation we are sharing.

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