Map of Imagi Nation

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4 Responses to Map of Imagi Nation

  1. artrites says:

    What a beautifully intricate map. You have clearly invested a lot of time, thought and skill in your map.

  2. tooslie says:

    How smart of you to make your country be “imagi”. Makes perfect sense. I read your story so far. I loved the list of items that you brought with you for the journey. Look forward to reading more. Janet/Janee Odon

  3. treegod says:

    Fantastic map. Love the beginning of your story too 🙂

    Adam Brough/Jake Fish

  4. artemysos says:

    Beautiful map, love the borders and the colors and everything about it; it is sure to unfold an amazing adventure!

    xx Gena/Hovo

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