I woke up in the morning with a mystery on my mind. Last night I had gone to bed thinking about the trip I was about to take to the Star Caves. Apparently though, during the night something very peculiar happened. I woke to see letters strung together on my night table, like beads on a bracelet of some sort with a wood bead attached. The letters formed a word and they were slipping off the table and on to the floor. I got out of bed and ran over to retrieve them, but as I reached them they were gone. I found myself standing next to my bed wondering what I had seen.

Since today is Samhain the veil between these worlds and the “otherworlds” is thin. Perhaps this was a message from beyond, if I could remember the word I saw it may have importance.
Duboi asked me to extend my stay a bit longer to attend the Samhaim celebration this evening. There will be a huge celebration at the Guild Hall, a bonfire, costumes and sharing of the harvest. It will be fun, I agreed to postpone my trip, it seems wrong to turn down such gracious hosts. I will depart at the witching hour instead.

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1 Response to Samhain

  1. artemysos says:

    You have a talent for description and detail, like in your art 😉 Lovely!

    xx Gena/hovo

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