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Barbara Saint Jacques (MA, USA)

travels as Lavenda Kakabell http://basia-spiritspace.blogspot.com paper, pencils, coloring books, crayons, scissors, glue, movie magazines/movie star scrapbooks — All remembered from my childhood, bringing me much happiness and joy.  Art in grade school, junior and senior high school……. so very important … Continue reading

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Carol Henley (Utah, USA)

Travels as: Myo (Melody YanOrea) I am an artist because I choose to be.  I am also a playful artist.  Were I to take my art too seriously, I would lose the ecstasy, the happiness and the freedom I experience … Continue reading

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Janet Ghio (Missouri USA)

Travels as Janee Odon Mysticeti http://www.janetsartplay.blogspot.com I’ve always loved making things. My mother was an artist, so there were always art supplies around our house and every summer I got to go to children’s art classes at a local museum. … Continue reading

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Zentara Shadowsoul arrives at the Guild

My name is Zentara Shadowsoul, and I was brought up by the Zigandi Nomads in the lands of Rohinval. The Zigandi traverse the northern trade routes from Bereem in the west to Eskport in the east. Living in covered and … Continue reading

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