Hallowmas, Samhain, Dias de los Muertos …

Hallowmas, All Hallows, Halloween,  Calan Gaeaf, All Saints, Samhain, Dias de los Muertos …

No matter what the (mainly western) religion, the days from 31st October through 2nd. November have a broadly shared significance. These are the days in the year in which the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and during which (depending on your belief system) the living and the dead stand closest or the “thisworlders” and “otherworlders” can almost touch, for better or for worse.

Read about “the days”


Optional journey activity

Wherever you are in the Guild Halls or on your journey, you:

1. experience a reminder of someone departed, and/or
2. receive a message of some kind from that person and/or
3. conduct/take part in a ceremony (for the person) and/or
4. experience a mysterious encounter of some kind and/or
5. help someone else in one of the above situations.

Art and/or write about the above in your art journal.

About artrites

Some people would see only a middle aged woman, albeit fairly well preserved, but in reality, I'm an English writer and artist (order exchangeable) living in Germany. I'm a blended learning specialist, graphic designer, and train adult education teachers, when I can find the work. There is far, far more to me that even that, of course, but discovering that is the journey you can undertake by reading this blog.
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