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Meeting the Guildmistress

I walked across the hall to meet other artists gathered in front of the fireplace, hugging each one as they stated their names.  The fire was crackling, flames dancing, and the exchange of conversation stimulating.  I decided to find a … Continue reading

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I was still eating breakfast in the dining hall when a messenger arrived to inform me that I had a visitor waiting for me near the stables. With no idea who it could be, I quickly downed my herbal tea … Continue reading

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Call to Journey II- Trust the fall

I stared at the hole, and then I stared intensely at mum, remaining in silence. I was totally confused and my eyes looked like plates. “Wh…what?” I spoke after a while. “Jump” She repeated. “Ah…so I just jump in? And I … Continue reading

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Call to Journey I- Always expect the unexpected

This morning I had a close look at the mysterious map that granddad gave me and Iwas staring at it as if I was waiting for it to speak to me, I closed my eyes for a moment and tried to contact … Continue reading

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Character’s Bio/ Ilan Misaki

My name is Ilan Misaki and I was born in Yakushima Island of the Kirishima National Park in south Japan. It happened during spring, in a beautiful and warm morning of the 26th of april in 1979 whilst my mum … Continue reading

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Michaela Devi Genaine (Switzerland/Spain)

Travels as Ilan Misaki http://heartofshobogenzo.wordpress.com I was born 30 years ago in Switzerland and then moved to Spain when I was 8 years old with my mum and younger sister. I can’t imagine my life without making art. My earliest … Continue reading

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