Finding the Place of Truth – Final Journey Destination

The brilliance of the sun was everywhere, lighting up the forest through the heavy green boughs.  Sparkles of light patterned the path as Freedom and I made our way south along the river heading toward the Place of Truth.  I knew this was the last stop on my journey…. the Place of Truth.

It did not take long to reach the Place of Truth.  Only two nights camping along the river and one night after turning inward to the east.  The weather was perfect, and as I lay looking into the night sky the day before we arrived, the constellation Pleiades shone a bright vivid blue.  One of its brightest stars, Sterope, drifted down from the sky to direct us,  whispering that we would find the place of Truth by going to the island located in a body of water between the place of Knowledge and the lowlands of the Sacred Space, beneath the Place of Where one is Needed: the Real World.

Sure enough.  We came upon a body of water where clumps of thick plant growth lay along its edge.  A raft large enough to hold me and Freedom was visible from our vantage point.  There was a small cave nearby, and the raft was owned by “the one who lived in the cave.”  He came out asking if I would like him to take us to the island.  “But”, he said, “at times my arms are too weak to man the oars..  You will have to make it worth my while.”  I had nothing to give him; however, Precious always seemed to make an impression and please whoever heard her sing.  I asked, “Would you like to hear music that will soothe you and heal you whenever you remember the sound?  You will feel much better while listening to my bird, and recall will cure your ills and keep you well long after we are gone.  Precious will sing for you, and the healing vibrations of her sound will embed themselves in your entire being; thereby, gifting you in a way that is priceless.”  He agreed.

After listening to Precious for a length of time, He who lives in a cave and moves the raft said, “I’m ready,” then moved to his station on the raft, allowing us to walk on to it before pushing off.  This man was quite powerful.  His arms easily moved the oars to steer the raft.  His visage displayed a broad smile.  Stopping after we glided to the shore of the island, he said, “Take your time.  I am enjoying an incredible lightness of being.”

Freedom waited till I mounted him, and we found our way to the very center of the island, where a chair made of stone sat on a raised flat stone surface encircled entirely by white chrysanthemums.  How appropriate! …. as they symbolize truth.  Freedom grazed on the grass surrounding the flowers as I made my way up to the rock and sat in the stone chair.  Although the stone was hard, it was quite warm from the rays of the sun.  The air held the taste of salt and a soft comforting breeze wafted by.  While seated, I closed my eyes and thought of all the times I had been in search of the Truth–and how the answers to many questions evaded me.  I also mulled over in my mind how Truth had evaded me in my relationships–and first and foremost,  how I now have come to terms with knowing my own Truth.  It is good to have made this journey, as it is confirming much of life’s experience.  I now know that it is time to journey to where I am needed.

I opened my eyes, looking ahead with new eyes:  the eyes of my soul and my third eye.

I moved forward, off the chair and down from the flat rock, through the white chrysanthemums — bringing forth Precious — and off we went — the water smooth, making our return an easy passage.  When on land, I bid farewell to the owner of the raft (who was beaming with glee) knowing that he had made a wise decision.

Now to complete the journey.  On to the place where I am needed, which is wherever I am.  Northward and a bit to the west, and here I stand; Freedom with me to do as we please:  Free to follow our instincts, free to be me — and to be of service to those in need.  Blessings.

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2 Responses to Finding the Place of Truth – Final Journey Destination

  1. Linda D. says:

    A lovely post, and well worth the wait 🙂 Glad you’ve found time to write, even if, like me, you haven’t managed the visual art! Take care.

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