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At the Guild: Janee Odon Mysticeti

“How can thoughts and ideas held for years begin to change so quickly?” Janee thought. She had only been at the Guild a few days; but already her perceptions of the world were changing. She had met so many new … Continue reading

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Call to journey: Janee Odon Mysticeti

She was in the forest collecting and cataloging plants when she received the call to come to the Artists Guild.  When the messenger appeared and summoned her on the journey, she was hesitant. She was comfortable and happy with her … Continue reading

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Janet Ghio (Missouri USA)

Travels as Janee Odon Mysticeti I’ve always loved making things. My mother was an artist, so there were always art supplies around our house and every summer I got to go to children’s art classes at a local museum. … Continue reading

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