Hovo heads back

“You see, people have difficulty distinguishing between dream worlds, but it is all illusion,” the impish gnome said to me quite seriously.

“I am sorry, sir, what did you say?” I asked, not really quite understanding why he was talking to me.

“You heard me, ” he said a little sternly. “Come with me, I’ll show you what I mean.”

So I followed him. We went into a tree and then somehow we went down into the Earth and into other worlds. They were like ours, but different. I mean it was not like we were in the Earth, but just in another world.

“We are going to travel to 7 lands,” he told me.  I was a little confused as I needed to sit still a spell and stop moving. “But this is not possible,” he told me. “ As life is ever moving…”

“Have you brought with you the crystal ear  You will definitely need this for your travels.”

“And where was I to find this ear?” I asked,  a bit confused.  Your guardian guide should have instructed you on this, hmmm, let’s see,” he said.

The little man stayed there in front of me, but I have a feeling he really was elsewhere, I mean that he had temporarily left his body.  But before I knew it, he was back.

“Yes, just as I had suspected. Your guide was not instructed correctly.  My mistake.  Then you must return to the guild.  There, in the herb gardens you will find the statue of Archangel Raziel.  He is a very old angel and holds the secret to many alchemical truths.  Sit in the presence of this statue to get the next instructions…”  His voiced faded off and I wondered how I would find my way back to the guild without even a map or compass and that is when I remembered my music lessons and how I had learned to  sing notes to call up mindstates and or talk to animals, elementals, and so forth.  Since we had gone down into a tree, perhaps if I sang for a rabbit, I could then get it to take me back up.”

So I began singing “AHH Â Ôôô AHH Â AHH.”  That is all I remember.  When I woke up I was back on the bench in the guild gardens, back from where I started.  I could feel electricity in the air.  There was a feeling of anticipation.  I was excited because I learned that I would be meeting some remarkable adventurers, the kind you only meet once in a lifetime.  I was so happy that the little man sent me back when he did.  I knew my adventures would continue, but now I was being given an actual opportunity to meet some illustrious travellers 🙂

I couldn’t wait!

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  1. Linda D. says:

    Great post, love the art!!!

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