Meeting the Guild Mistress

Pearl put on the compass necklace and then the ring.  It seemed like the hexagon walls started to spin.  It was like a tunnel with a light at the end.  Pearl kept focus on that light and before she knew it she was getting closer and closer to and opening.

Before anyone could say “TRANSFORMATION” they were at the Guild Hall.  It was an earth shelter with a huge atrium that got the morning sun and avoided the direct sun and heat of the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day when Pearl and Hack arrived.  Everyone was busy or enjoying watching others while they collected the muse.  In one section was a lovely arboretum with tables so that you could sit and have tea or coffee while admiring the beautiful flowers and tropical plants.

Pearl and Hack sat down at one of the tables.  They were too dizzy to say much to each other.  They were just soaking in all the color and activity.

A waitress came over to their table.  She had on a peasant skirt with a layered look and an embroidered shirt.  What can I get you?  Hack and Pearl looked at each other and smiled.

“Well, I will have mint tea.” Pearl replied.

“I will take sassafras tea please.”  requested Hack.

As they sipped their tea they were over come by all the space, light, color and the sky.  Pearl took a deep breath.

“Hack did you notice the sign at the front of the door and all the signs posted around the Guild.  They said,  “YES MEANS YES AND NO MEANS NO”.”

“Yes, I noticed those.”  Answered Hack.

“I never saw those kinds of signs at the cave.  I wonder what they mean?” Pearl said with a puzzled face.

“Well I am sure you will find out, here comes the Guild Mistress now.  I am sure she will be glad to explain it to us.”

After a quick introduction,  Pearl asked the Guild Mistress, who was the  Spirit of the Tree of Transformation only in a physical body,  what the signs meant and why they were posted everywhere.

“Well first Pearl it is good to have you visiting us at the Guild Hall.  The signs that you see around the guild are to remind people of their personal power and their limits.  “yes means yes” means that you consent to do something, and”no means no” means you don’t consent.  You don’t have to explain yourself and you should never feel manipulated.  We have found that creativity is very dependent on having a good working relationship with others.  Here at the Guild we are interested in peer lead or individually motivated cooperation.  When one person becomes too controlling and demanding then others don’t feel safe and the creative energy goes way down.  By giving everyone freedom to express them self in a way that honors their own individual needs we have created the perfect artist environment.”

“I love it here.  I could stay here forever.” Pearl sighed.

“Remember Pearl that the Guild is a support network, but it is not a substitute for going on Adventures.  The Adventure is where your creative tools are most needed.” smiled the Guild Mistress.

Hack noticed something about Pearl. “You know Pearl you have changed.”

Pearl loked up and caught her reflection in a mirror.  Yes I have changed a lot I am much happier.  I think I have been transformed.”

“You have Pearl.” added the Guild Mistress, “and the only way that could happen was you were willing to take a risk.”

“I am so glad I climbed up to the Tree of Transformation.  If I hadn’t gone to the cave I might not have really appreciated what the Guild Hall was for travelers.  I can’t wait to see what is next.”

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1 Response to Meeting the Guild Mistress

  1. Jill says:

    Beautifully done – you have encapsulated the essence of the Guild for me in the way the Guild Mistress here expresses it – here’s to the next adventure!

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