Guild Hall

“Pearl, you have been very quiet.”

“I know I have been thinking.”

Hack flew across the room and landed on one of the hexagon walls.  “What have you been thinking?”

“I have been thinking that I don’t like this cave.  That I don’t like being part of a hive that is controlled by ridged rules.  I really long for some fresh air and sunshine.  I don’t want to play their game.  I want out.”

“Well you know Pearl you can leave any time you like.  It’s up to you.”  Hack said in a very calm voice.

“What do you mean?  I thought I was stuck here.”

“Pearl in the ImagiNation you are never stuck.  You can go back to the Guild Hall and check in with the Spirit of the Tree of Transformation.  Then you can go on another Adventure.”

“Yes, but how do I get to the Guild Hall.  I thought Mr. Frozen and Mrs. Picky Picky were keeping a close eye on things.  How will I get past them?”

“Look in the amulet that the Tree of Transfromation sent you.  I think you will find a compass.”

Pearl went over to where she had kept her amulet bag and looked inside.  “Wow, it was so small I didn’t see it before.  Look it has a cord on it so i can wear it around my neck.”

“Look at the circle on the compass and you will see that it has a detachable ring.   When you put the compass around your neck and the ring on your finger you will be transported back to the Guild Hall.”

“What is this Guild Hall that you keep talking about.  I have never been to the Guild Hall?”

“Pearl, the Pogo Bugs grabbed you before the Tree of Transformation had time to tell you where it is.  She was actually pointing towards it with her branches.    It is the opposite side of this mountain.  It is an intentional community of traveling artist just like yourself.  They also have been on adventures and this is home base.  You will find that there is a community of artist that are always available to help other artist and to support them and share with them knowledge about going on journey.”

“Hack, I am so excited about getting out of here.  I don’t want to play any of these games.  To me they all look like a loop or maze to keep you in the cave so that you will never want to leave.”

“Well what are you waiting for?”

“For you to get on my shoulder of course – so we can be off to the Guild Hall.”

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1 Response to Guild Hall

  1. Jill says:

    Wonderful – this has been such a brilliantly conceived story – i really get the idea of the games etc … and what a great way out – fabulous!

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