The West – Want

“You know Hack this is the one that I have really been wanting to see.  I am glad we saved it for last.  It just looks so inviting and I can understand Wanting.  Lets see what the computer has in store for us here.”

Pearl clicked on the icon and a shopping mall appeared.  It was kinda a different kind of shopping mall because you could literally buy anything you wanted  and it would be delivered to you.  You could buy a house, a diamond ring, a new oriental carpet, a party…literally anything that you could think of you could buy at this mall and the computer would delivered it to you.  So the first thing that you were asked to do is to spend money.  They gave you a credit card and you had a limit of a 1,000,000. dollars.

“Now this looks like fun and it looks like she might get all the things she wants.”

“Well lets watch the demo.” Hack suggested.

Pearl clicked on the demo button.

In came a fancy dressed character in high heels.  She picked a new condo in the city, then a set of dishes, then she went to the art gallery and found several painting from the original artist, she headed over to the Smell and Wash and bought monogrammed towels.  Her cart was almost full when she decided that she really needed a new car.  So she headed over to look at all the new cars.  It didn’t take her long to decide. Then she moved to the checked out.

Another page came up.  There was a line up of significant people on the bottom of the page.  There was her sons and daughters.  There was her husband.  Her mother and father were there.  There were significant people that she worked with.  Everyone was on the bottom of the page  that meant anything to her.

Next appeared a helicopter that was to bring all the loot.  The helicopter dropped the items out and if they landed on the ground they were yours…DELIVERED.   The only thing the lady had to do was push the people out of the way so that they didn’t get hit by the stuff and the stuff landed the ground.  The people were oblivious to the fact that anything was falling out of the sky, so when they got pushed they got offended and left.  This made more room for the things to hit the ground and become all hers.  But in the end she had a mountain of things but she didn’t have any people in her life.

“Well I don’t want to get sucked in a  game like that Hack.  I don’t think the ticket out of this place is in any of these games.  The only thing that I am happy about is that I didn’t get sucked into playing that Nothing About Nothing, I have heard that some games can be quite addictive.”

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1 Response to The West – Want

  1. Jill says:

    oh that block is so, so beautiful – no wonder the game seemed so attractive!

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