The South – Shame

Pearl went back to the Home page.  In the southern location on the compass was the word Shame.  “I have to admit that just seeing this word doesn’t really give me much hope that this will lead to a way out.  You know Hack, since we have seen these different games I have seen a pattern  and believe that these game that the computer plays are designed  to control the people in the hive.  Maybe what Mr. Frozen and Mrs. Picky Picky hadn’t expected is that we would reverse the study…and rather than them studying us we would use the game to study them.

They opened up the Shame game.  There was at one end of a platform a wedge of cheese.

The goal was to be the mouse and get the cheese with out getting shot.  The computer was the one that would try to shoot you.

“Well we know what to do now.” Hack said excitedly,  ” Lets see the Demo Pearl.”

When Pearl hit the demo button a mouse appeared from the opposite side of the cheese.

It looked all around but didn’t see or smell anything coming, so he edged toward the cheese.  As he gained more confidence he got closer to the cheese.  When it looked like he was going to get the cheese, the computer drew a bead on the mouse and shot it.

“You know you don’t have a chance.  This seems to be the same kind of game as Nothing About Nothing the cheese is protected.  No way are you going to get any!” Hack exclaimed,  “Keep going Pearl, we have one more game.”

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