The East or Ego Game

Hack went back to sitting on the table and looked up at Pearl. “Well Pearl, you might as well open the Ego game.  We will see what surprises lie behind this door.  ”

Pearl went back to the home page where the computer games were arranged as a compass.

She clicked on the Ego square.

The page opened up to the Tree Of Good and Evil.

The tree was standing on top of a soap box.  There were two fruits hanging from the opposite side of the tree.  One fruit was called Good and the other was called Evil.  The object of this game was to pick both fruits at the same time.  When you did this you got the much coveted WISDOM and you got to become a  god.

Pearl looked at Hack, “Well what do you think?  Is this winnable?”

Hack studied the game then said why don’t we take a look at the demo.

They played the demo and a little man in a suit  came out and jumped on the soap box and then jumped as high as he could to reach the fruit Good.  When he touched it rather than picking it as he had expected to do, it grabbed him.  He was just swinging from the fruit unable to move.  He certainly was never going to be able to reach the other side of the tree to pick the fruit called Evil.

Then another man came up and he went over to the side Evil and jumped up to pick that fruit…and just like the other character, he was held fast by the fruit.  Because his arm ached or because he was bored,  he started to scream at the top of his lung how evil this and that was.  He was really making a noise.  Before long he had drawn a crowd to his side of the tree.  Some of them tried to get  the fruit too or to touch him and either way they were stuck fast to that side of the tree.

The man on the GOOD side seeing how he was out numbered started making a case for how good and righteous this and that was.  Eventually he too had a huge crowd on his side of the tree.

“I don’t see a win win here.” said Pearl.  “Lets get out of here.”

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1 Response to The East or Ego Game

  1. Jill says:

    ingenious – these games are great!

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