Inside the Game of Nothing About Nothing

“Hack, I’ve decided we need to  see what games Mr. Frozen and Mrs. Picky Picky wanted us to play.  Maybe inside the game we can find a way out or perhaps this is part of the transformation that I am suppose to experience.  Reading about my strengths in these tarot cards has reawakened my curiosity and courage.”

Pearl went over to the computer and sat down on the hard stool.  She opened up the game called Nothing About Nothing.

On the screen was a maze in the shape of a chair.

Inside the chair shape were  the letters  G-O-O-D-E-N-O-U-G-H. The object of the game was to collect all the letters.   When you collected all the letters you got to level up.

Pearl looked at Hack.  “Well Hack this doesn’t look so hard.  Where should be begin?”

Hack answered, “Begin?  We shouldn’t even play.”

Pearl looked surprised.  “Why would you say that?”

Hack had a very analytical mind and his vision was exceptional.  “Because Pearl the game will just have you going in circles.  You can’t get to any of the letters, they are all protected.  I imagine that it is the work of my cousins the Pogo Bugs that have bugged the computer.”

Pearl was clearly disappointed.  “Here I was ready to do what ever it took to get out of this place and I almost fell into a never ending loop.  Hack,”  She opened her hand and let Hack crawl on it.  She brought her hand closer so she could look Hack in the eye.  “I am so glad we are friends.”

“What are friends for?”  Hack replied.

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1 Response to Inside the Game of Nothing About Nothing

  1. Jill says:

    I like Hack a lot – what a great friend indeed!

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