Day of the Missing Paperclip

For every possibility, or choice, that presents itself there is an idea that reality splits and so there is a universe for every possibility split. And if makes sense then I have performed a miracle! Well, let us retrace our steps to a point to where Jake hadn’t yet come into Imagi-nation, back to before the event that led him to step off his usual route and into that building that took him through to the Guild Hall. This is a story about a Jake Fish that hadn’t gone to Imagi-nation, the day after our Jake had:

It was an ordinary day and Jake was feeling very normal. There was a hairy moment when he was flossing in the morning when the floss frayed a bit and got stuck in his teeth; he’d almost gone into a panic, but he managed to get it out without too much fuss.

His Ten Minute Teeth Cleaning Session was a very important part of the day, and often how it went would determine the quality of a whole day. His meticulous ten second brushing of each and every tooth went exceptionally well, and the mouth wash was much less messier than usual, which boded well. The flossing went well, except for that little moment. It wasn’t but enough to leave a tiny little uncomfortable knot in his stomach for that day.

Apart from that he felt quite normal. Well, he was until a minute ago. He’d suddenly realised that the paperclip for his daily morning schedule was missing. How could it go missing??? It couldn’t go missing, he had to find it or… or… or the whole day might fall apart, just like the schedule sheets!!!

This threw his whole day out of whack. This morning he was supposed to be processing some data of the average number of fleas you can find on a dog, then, after his lunch, he was supposed to order all of the stationary in alphabetical order! And if he didn’t find his special paperclip then his schedule would be meaningless. He had to find it!

He looked on his desk, twice, but found it now.
He looked under his desk, thrice, but found it not.
He took everything out of his desk drawers and then had to put it all back.
He looked at the corner of the schedule, again, just to make sure.
He looked at his colleagues’ desks to see if they had it, but they had it not.
He asked the cleaners, but they just laughed at him, so he had to check the rubbish bins himself.
He asked his Boss who told his secretary to tell Jake he was in a meeting.

Jake looked at his watch and saw that an hour had passed since he’d lost his paperclip. He was frantic! He went to the stationary, and since the report of the average amount of fleas could wait until next week (for some strange reason his Boss has said that there was no rush) Jake decided to sort out the stationary cupboard and look for his paperclip at the same time. He looked amongst the loose paper clip box – they all look the same, but Jake would definitely know his own paperclip!

He blamed it on that hairy moment whilst flossing; it was a worse portent than it appeared to be, and the sooner he finds the paperclip and return to a nice boring day better. However, two hours later Jake had reordered the stationary cupboard, and he still had not found his paperclip. Still, for a moment, after he’d finished sorting out the stationary cupboard he stood back to look at his handiwork and felt a moment of pride. Not enough to make him forget what he’d been searching for.

He even forsook his lunch! His perfectly prepared, crustless tuna and cucumber sandwiches with margarine spread to the millimetre on the slices of bread. Not butter. Never butter. He could not stand the stuff. He also had a polished apple, and exactly two chocolate covered digestive biscuits. And then there’s his usual cup of tea, but if I started to describe his procedure for making tea then I might as well write a thesis on the art and science of tea making! which really isn’t what we’re here for.

Anyway, he missed all of that special moment just to search for his paperclip. Where his colleagues were leisurely eating and chatting in the staff room Jake was systematically searching through the entire office, leaving everything much tidier than it was before, much to the surprise of his colleagues. Most of them liked to see their desks clean before they got to work (and in fact they worked quite well for the rest of the day), but a few were a little annoyed because their “mess” was perfectly ordered. Suddenly Jake the Paperclip-Hunter was joined by Sarah the Very-Important –Report-Scout and Dave the Top-Priority-Don’t-Lose-Report-Seeker.

The Boss was almost on the verge of telling Jake to pack it in when and just as he was approaching Jake, Jake let out a little squeal of delight – like a child’s at Christmas – exploded around the office. He’d apparently found his paperclip. Before the Boss went off to his own office he noticed Jake clutching at the paperclip and even mumbling over it; it sounded like he was saying, “Naughty little thing, you gave me quite a scare, hiding in my pocket like that.” The Boss retreated to his office seeing the relieved looks of his employees, and feeling relieved himself that he’d made his office a “no go” area for Jake. He was scary when he went like that.

Jake was feeling happy and for the rest of the afternoon he processed the data of the average number of fleas a dog has – information so exciting I think I shouldn’t share here, just in case you get too excited, yaaaaawwwwn”. In fact he done that so well that he decided to process some more data on the rate of toenail growth (now, now, just calm down, it’s not as exciting as it looks). He couldn’t remember having been this happy in some time. So happy that when he went home he forgot his usual carefulness and went walking down a street he’d never been down before, into an empty house he never would have entered and searched the rooms that he never would have dreamed of doing!

This is a world where, yesterday, Jake didn’t go to Imagi-Nation, and so, today, Jake had a relatively normal day, a very good normal day! But that afternoon, as Jake walked home, he felt a spirit of adventure, a small one, that took him down a street he’d never been down before, into an empty house he never would have gone into, and searching rooms he never would have even dreamed of, let alone do!
In one mysterious room he finds a mysterious box, and upon touching this box he finds himself…

Well!… He doesn’t know where he finds himself, he’s in such a shock he can’t describe it. But we know, because this happened before, in the original alternate universe. He is in the Guild Halls, face to face with walking art and brushes and paints.

You see, no matter how much we put it off, no matter how many “what if” scenarios we create, Jake would have ended up in Imagi-nation anyway, it was his destiny, a destiny waiting deep within him. It was just waiting for the right moment to appear, and take Jake on a journey that would change his life.

And so we go back to the original alternate universe, where Jake has been through his journey, and soon we’ll reach the end. But not yet, first there is something for Jake to see, something for him to do, and then, well, we shall see!

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1 Response to Day of the Missing Paperclip

  1. cicadiaxiii says:

    I have really enjoyed Jake’s adventure. You are very creative.

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