The Midnight Sun

“Let’s see…” said Ilan whilst she held the lamp between them, “I remember the time when…” she couldn’t help it and burst into laughter, “…when Shobogenzo put his head in a bucket and got stuck in it! He was only a foal and was very curious, so he wanted to see what was in that bucket, maybe expecting he’d find some feed and when he saw nothing he started playing with the bucket and the handle got stuck behind his ears…”

Now they were both laughing, and the lamp glowed again.

“Let’s have a look at the compass”

The compass indicated west, and so they went west. A few hours passed which allowed them to climb a dune and walk some miles but then the glow started fading.

“Let’s see…” said Ilan whilst holding the lamp in front of them, “Do you remember when Shobogenzo skidded all the way downhill only a couple of days after I arrived to Yarlung’s home? The grass was so wet and the hill so steep that he had lost his balance and skidded all the way down on his rear whilst trying to slow himself down with his front legs…” They burst out laughing again.

But then something unexpected happened. Ilan realized that what made her really happy was to think about her horse, and so she grew very sad in only a matter of seconds. The lamp faded and faded…and then there was no light at all.

“Oh no!” said Ilan

“Quick” said Tenzin, “Think something happy!”

“I can’t, I’ve just realized how much I miss Shobo and it makes me sad, I can’t help it.”

There was no way Ilan could think of something happy; to think about Shobogenzo put her first in a really good mood, but after the second try, she couldn’t help but miss her childhood companion and since then, her forever soul friend.

“I wish he’d be here with us!”

“This won’t light the lamp and we must continue; we can’t stay here, it’s too dangerous”

“But wait, this is my inner world, and there cannot be anything dangerous in it if I don’t want it to be; it should be as logical as that.”

“You may be right, Ilan, but I’m getting thirsty, and we still didn’t see this flower Wajada was talking about, and without the light it’s all getting a bit scary anyway, can’t you think about something positive right now? Maybe something…”

Tenzin was talking and whilst she was talking she didn’t see where she was actually putting her feet so she fell face first.

“HAHAHAHA!!!” Ilan was laughing so hard it hurt.

“But…but what’s so funny about it!!!???” Tenzin felt blushing again and that made Ilan laugh harder.

“You try to keep your dignity so hard, Tenzin, but you’re really a show of a character, hahahaha!”

“Well I’m glad it serves you to light the lamp anyway…” Tenzin knew deeply how funny it was what had just happened and she was really glad to see the lamp come back to life.

“Look! The flower!”

Ilan ran towards the flower and the flower seemed to reverence Ilan; it bent towards her. They were so happy to find it that the lamp glowed brighter. Even if they were still standing in the middle of nowhere, at some midnight hour, the sun came out. And if you are wondering, yes, it was Ilan’s inner sun that came out just then.

About soulportrait

Michaela Devi Genaine, Spain Although I am of Swiss origin, I have been living in Spain for 20 years. I moved to this country with my family when I was 9 years old, and have since then been involved with a broad spectrum of alternative projects, as well as being a pioneer of homeschooling. I am currently living in the Prades mountains near the Mediterranean Coast. I practice sustainable gardening, ecopsycology, art and psychosynthesis. I am fluent in English, Spanish and French.
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  1. cicadiaxiii says:

    Your paintings are so expressive. I always am afraid of water colors because it seems to have a mind of it’s own and get muddy. You seem to have mastered it and the sun pours a glowing light on the desert ground. Beautiful.

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