Jake’s Diary 5

The problem caused by the Great Evil here in Hiêr has been sorted out, and everything returned to the way it was. The pigs aren’t playing twister any more, but hide-and-seek; the trees have called off war against the pigs and have gone back to attacking bits of bellybutton fluff; and the people aren’t flat. In fact they’ve gone from 2D and are now 5D, which I’m still not used to; as soon as I can see where up is and where down is they’ve changed again!

Oh yes, and Orph is happier, now that front and back have reestablished themselves. He’s grazing with his mouth, which we are all thankful for…

But the Great Evil is still out there somewhere making some very strange changes to Imagi-nation. I’m not so scared of this Great Evil now. If all it took was for me to talk to the Droowid’s Staff to sort things out then I feel I can do anything in Imagi-nation!

I’ve got to leave Hiêr and go Sumwer Els. There’s a problem on some other world; it’s called Size or Perspective. There’s a debate about the name. There are two tribes, the Tribe of the Small and the Tribe of the Big, and they’re at war. So, I’ve got to go there and be some sort of diplomat. Well, I can do it, with just a little Imagi-Nation, eh?

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