Pearl’s Hidden Talents

Hack looked hard at Pearl. “I don’t believe there is any mess perceived or real that one doesn’t have the power to overcome.  My favorite story as a boy was the Little Engine that Could.  Whenever I have been down, I have always been able to rise to the top when I repeated the mantra “I think I can.  I think I can.”  Pretty soon rather than seeing the impossibility of things I begin to notice the opportunity that had always been there but I was blinded to by my perception.

Hack flew to the other side of the room and lighted on a lamp stand next to Pearl’s bed where she was lying.  “I would suggest that perhaps you have overlooked something that you have with you.”

“What do you mean?” asked Pearl, “I don’t have that much.  A sketchbook and an amulet and you.”

“I mean your very own special talents.  How are you able to change your world?  We are each magicians in that we have the ability to create change through our different ways of communicating.  What is your voice?  When you own it by releasing it into the world the vibration of that action ripples through out the world and on a micro level the world is not the same.”

“I am too small and insignificant to create this kind of change.” Pearl exclaimed.

“This is just not true.  Have you ever seen a  tiny baby cry and turn the whole focus of those around him toward him?  It is not how big you are but how courageous.”

Again Hack changed positions and landed on Pearl’s shoulder.  “Pearl get out your sketchbook and draw three symbols of the three talents that you have or you wish to exhibit on the journey into the computer games.”

So Pearl unsure of her own strengths, went ahead and attempted to consider what they would be.  She looked into the amulet bag to get her sketchbook out.  Inside was a pack of cards that she hadn’t noticed.  On the box of cards it said “A Guide.”  Pearl had not seen this pack of cards before.  She took it out to examine it.  There were 22 tarot arcana cards as well as a explanation for each.  She decided that this might be able to show her where her talents for this journey lay.

She shuffled the cards an as the diagram in the book showed she laid out three cards…one each for  physical mental and spiritual  After looking at each card and studying their meaning she got out her sketchbook and drew the symbols the resonated with her into her sketchbook.

The traveler with the globe in his hand, who has the ability to make things stable, solid, and secure for himself and others.
The ability to unify polarities oppositions and paradoxes within oneself; cutting through limitations and restrictions and weaves them into a net to dance upon.
Everyday you make a choice to support your authentic sellf. You are at the gate everyday making choices about leaving old known worlds or going through the gates to explore new worlds.
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  1. Jill says:

    Fabulous, just fabulous!

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