Secret Imagi-Departments

It was the best Jake felt since coming to Imagi-Nation, everything seemed to be really good for him after his meeting with the Doowid’s Staff Union. He’d successfully made a deal where he and the Union would be happy. Even the droowid should be content with the results; he’d got his staff back, although under different terms now. He was laughing and joking with the droowid’s staff, almost forgetting Orph who was quite happy to graze without anyone laughing at the funny way his “posterior” would lower itself and take chunks of grass.

It wasn’t until later that Jake remembered something, so he asked the staff, “Aren’t horses meant to be walking forwards by now, now that you’re back and able to put things back in order? To be honest, I’m feeling a bit sorry for my friend,” Orph was very surprised to hear this! That was the first time Jake had used the word friend to describe Orph. Something must have been changing.

The entire staff looked at Orph and nodded his head, “Yes, ùy now wot too doo.” And with that he pulled out a laptop and sent an email to the Directionality Department.

“What else has been happening here, Jake?”

Jake tried to remember, “Well, the pigs were playing twister,” another email to the Swine Games Department, “then the trees were declaring war on the pigs,” another email to the Tree Peace Committee, “and the people were all flat!” That email went to the Inflation Rates Department.

“What are all these departments and committees?” Asked a perplexed Jake.

“They’re what run this place,” piped up another of the staff.

Finally, Jake and the staff arrived at the Growv and saw not only the droowid but also a row of sleeping bodies.

“What is the meaning of this?!” the staff shouted together.

The droowid spluttered and stuttered, “I-i-i-i-it’s, e-e-e-e-e-erm, w-w-w-well, u-u-um, you see, I was desperate for staff and friends so I took some Readers…”

“Wake them then and send them on their way…” said the woman that was leader of the staff, and whom Jake didn’t know the name of (he was wondering if any of the staff had names, but he liked them all-the-same).

Sleeping Readers (watercolour pencils and paints)

(WRITER ANNOUNCEMENT: here’s a picture of those Readers affected. If you recognize yourself in the picture then 1) any compensation is fully paid from the taste of Imagi-Nation mead (and you’re lucky you got a taste AND could get back) and 2) any REAL resemblance is purely coincidental and should be approach with creative fun!)

Jake watched as the droowid woke up each of the sleepers (not without a few complaints of “Oooooh! I was enjoying that, why did you have to wake me up???) and sat back to relax and looked up at the purple sky… hmm, maybe that’s not the right colour Hiêr?… Maybe there’s a Purple Control Department or Sky Quality Inspector?… or maybe he should just lay back and enjoy the interesting variations of purple that he’d never seen before…

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