Dhê Droowid and the Reader

Dhê Droowid (watercolour pencils and paints)

You (the Reader) find yourself in a forest, dhê Forist. You follow a path ahead of you and end up in a grove, dhê Droowid’s Growv. And there, ahead of you stands dhê droowid.

“Have you seen my staff?”

You say you haven’t.

“Not to WRRY, have a CP ov miid with mii, WN’t you?” And he offers you a cup of sweet mead.

You stay a while, resting in the cool shade of dhê growv, sharing the silence with dhê droowid, and drinking your mead.

Actually, maybe you’ve drunk a little too much. You’re feeling a bit sleepy now, so you lay down just for a little while, until you feel more awake.

Just before sleep takes you a thought crosses your mind; if you eat or drink anything in the Otherworld you may never leave there again… it’s so peaceful here ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

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4 Responses to Dhê Droowid and the Reader

  1. cicadiaxiii says:

    No I really don’t want to leave. After being in the sun cutting blackberries it feels good to sit down with a cup of honey mead. You didn’t say honey mead but this is the kind that my husband has made and it is delicious. I have huge bottle for the first one of my children to get married.
    Life is sweet.
    I love your painting too.

  2. treegod says:


    Careful… you don’t know what the droowid wants, why he’s giving mead to the Readers and making them sleep LOL

    A little hint: he wants more staff if he can’t get his own back…

  3. Jill says:

    *chuckling* here – I remember, many, many, many years ago,my one and only time of tasting mead – um, rather too much – lost a day to be precise – hey ho, all good experience. Not sure i would have been much use to the Droowid though !

  4. treegod says:

    LOL I’ve had mead, but not that much. Apparently a local beekeeper makes some. Maybe I should have a little sip or two 😀

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