“Please keep me AWAKE.” Pearl whispered and her voice echoed through the halls of the CAVE.  She felt she had no privacy.

All of the sudden a voice with a musical tone to it was heard from over her head  “If you

want to stay AWAKE you must CREATE.”

Before Pearl had time to see where the voice was coming from a book landed beside her.

And then a satchel to keep her book in, which had a picture of the Tree of Transformation on it.

Pearl was very surprised.  “Where are you and who are you and where did you come from?”

Hack then played a little song because he was a cicada and he liked singing more than anything.  Pearl looked in the direction of the song and saw a little strange bug.


“After toiling underground for so long I decided to come out into the light.” Hacks song wasn’t always musical but he always was rubbing his wings together and thus there was a hum of violins that played behind him, like music in a movie.  “I climbed up on theTree of Transformation and was sunning my wings when saw the Pogo Bugs take you away.  While they were busy the Tree of Transformation gave me these things to to give  to you.   I guess she knew the habit of clearing the land of all life for the beast inside the Cave. In fact I am going to be your companion and help you navigate through this maze.  My name is Hack.

Hi Hack, I am very happy to have a friend. especially from the Tree of Transformation. “Are you related to the Pogo Bugs?”

“No, they are my evil cousins that have only one eye, one evil eye I should say and I have two.  Their vision has been effected and they are very narrow in the way they see the their environment and how things should work.  They have try to  hide their off springs that live in the Cave  by putting a lot of bits in as soon as they find something living to add.  The Pogo bugs live off the living bits that the Pogo Bugs add and turn them into bots to work for them.”Suddenly Hack flew very fast, so fast that Pearl thought she had lot sight of him, to the other side of the cave wall.  “I heard about all this because when I was under the ground working in the mines I would come very close to the Cave.”

“What should I draw? or create?” Pearl asked look up at the Cicada after she thumbed through the sketchbook.  It looked to good to mess up.

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2 Responses to Hack

  1. ahhtmasphere says:

    So very wonderful….. richness of fabric…… love all of it.

  2. Jill says:

    Fabulous – i like the sound of Hack .

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