The Plain of Tall Grasses

The Caves, collage, SG, 2011.

Dearest Molly and Loved Ones Back Home:

We are now crossing the Plain of Tall Grasses, south of the Dragon Sea, and it feels, I swear, like passing through all the ages of Mankind:

As we crossed the hilly base of the White Mountains, just south- southwest of Norn Gundasä, we slept in caves, some of them beautifully painted. There were signs of recent occupation, but we never saw the people who lived there.

When we came out of the deep valley into which the Path to the South led us, the Plain was like a great big green ocean of tall grasses swaying in the wind.

Our wagon behaved extremely well, though the path was almost invisible. South we go, it seems, due south, as Corwin indicated again and again.

During the day Tenwar and Ninraen scout the immediate environment, and sometimes Corwin disappears for a few hours, coming back with our dinner, as he did when we were Travelling together in Elvenland.

I ride with Master Blaise, who is a most entertaining companion. We are having long conversations about this Quest, and about the state of the worlds in general. He is like a living library…At night, when we stop to make camp, I take a moment to write down all the information that I gather from him, so as not to forget it.

I remember my first journeys with Corwin, it seems so long ago now, and how soundly I slept while he was guarding our camp. I remember him playing Elven tunes on his harmonica. Tenwar and Ninraen sing, you know. Not to mention Master Blaise, who can truly boast of a magnificent baritone!

Oh, it is all so beautiful and complete, that I sometimes forget about the Quest, and the urgency of our mission. I just give myself over to this feeling of…eternity. In a way, the MerKaBa pendulum was right: the Journey is more important than the destination, though, some nights, we talk around the fire, and we are not laughing.

We have driven by numerous villages, in the mountains as well as on the Plain, and were received very well by all people. It seems that the Elves and Master Blaise are well-known in these parts. Strangely, I could not say that these people are Elves, though we still are in Elvenland. They have a rather crude technology, and they seem primitive. Friendly enough, but simple, if you know what I mean. As I said, it sometimes seems that we are Travelling through Time, human Time, rather than through space. I have noticed some rather prominent foreheads…

Basically the landscape is as I have seen it in my remote viewing sessions: flat and immense, the Land stretches towards the far horizon. Mostly it is covered by the giant grasses, but there are also some stretches of tundra-like earth, close-cropped grass, and lots of rocks.

People of the Plain, collage, SG, 2011.

It is alive with animals and small scurrying beasts that look at us closely whenever we stop, as if they were not at all afraid of us, despite the fact that obviously Corwin is hunting. (We do thank every animal that we eat, though, Elven-style). There are birds, too. Where do they nest? There are no trees. Just a huge ocean of swaying grasses, a turquoise lake of sweet water now and then, and some small wild-moving rivers. We must be travelling on an imperceptible incline, because the rivers are flowing swifter as we go on. Still, no Mount Tsarang in view.

Molly, I will keep sending you messages, it gives me a sense or order, keeping some sort of a diary about this weird Journey that is so slow as to forget that Time is passing.

I do trust that everybody is sound and safe at Guild Halls,

Your Travelling Friend,


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2 Responses to The Plain of Tall Grasses

  1. I love the idea of collage. The story keeps drawing me in. I like the idea though, that Vivian also enjoys appreciating the moment in the midst of her quest!


  2. Jill says:

    Wonderfully descriptive – you write so well – am enjoying it all so much

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