The Transformation

The Spirit of the Tree of Transformation

The Tree of Transformation was helpless to save Pearl from the Pogo bugs.  She had seen this happen before to other pilgrims.

She was able to transform Pearl before the attack.  It was a mental transformation.  You couldn’t see it but it gave Pearl a  new paradigm, a new way of looking at things.

The only thing is, it had to be triggered, otherwise Pearl would never be able to utilize or have access to the transformation.

The key to unlock this spell was QUESTIONS.

Pearl must question the status quo.  She must search for answer by asking more questions.  In this she will find the path of enlightenment that she seeks.  And through this wisdom she will find the way to live.

The Tree of Transformation smiled on Pearl as she saw her being taken by the Pogo bugs, because she knew that where ever Pearl went she would recreate the world she lived in.  Pearl was a seed that had been planted…and the Pogo bugs were simply the tool.

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