Guidance from the Land: Preparing for the Journey to Flootnern Mountain

The next morning dawns colder than the previous day and a dense fog has settled over the land. What previously had been an open vista to Flootnern Mountain, waiting for us beyond the fog, is now an impenetrable grey.

“We must tune in to our inner guidance,” I say to Loretta. “Now that we also have the bear’s cloaks and their blessings, we should be able to determine the best course of action.”

Knowing that Kerry and Perry will also want to take part in this process, I wake them. Being cold blooded they wake up slowly on mornings such as this. They wake even more slowly than usual, their energies having been dissipated by the sickness of this land.

I tell Loretta that I am ready and we stand together near the bear’s burial site, one last time. For a moment Kerry flashes to full size, with a boom of electric green energy. Then he slumps exhausted to the ground. Perry flashes her silvery tongue out towards him, touching his head for an instant. I can sense her concern.

Wordless, we connect with our thoughts, Loretta and I. First I tune into my own bodies energy, stronger now that I have received the bear Tertrestes’ blessings. Then I turn my attention to Loretta and I can hear her clear voice, asking for guidance and direction. Finally I turn to the spirit of the land. I have to strain to hear what it is trying to say, until at last a faint voice, deep and solemn, comes through.

I clear my mind of all distractions in order to hear it more clearly and I can sense Loretta and the animals doing the same.

The deep voice is a little stronger now. “Welcome Kalili and Loretta. We have long awaited your presence. Something is killing our land and we are beginning to feel like we cannot hold on any longer. We await your guidance and healing.”

I can feel the voice through my feet and all the way up to my head. This message confirms what Kerry and Perry have told us and what Loretta and I have suspected as well.

I answer, “ We hear your request and will now proceed to Flootnern Mountain so that we can gain a view of the entire land, so that any actions we take can be more effective. You can put your faith in us. We will summon all of our strength and cunning to help you with what is ailing you.”


“Thank you. We will be watching and will assist you in any way we can. We are glad that you have the strength of Tertrestes and the cloaks from the bears. You will find other guidance and assistance along the way, as soon as you call for help.”


With that, we open our eyes. Loretta looks into my eyes and we know that it is time to go.

About kalilitraveler

Artist and writer, I create healing dolls and write stories about them.
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