The Pogo Bugs Operation

At first it was hard to see  how the  pogo bugs were taking Pearl apart.  Fortunately I was able to observe it after video taping it.  The pogo bugs had a stamp and punch on the end of their pogo sticks.  As they jumped over Pearl they punched a disk of her out.  She didn’t feel it because she is not really sensitive to that.  She learned to  just goes with the flow.  Besides she really didn’t know that this was not what was meant by the “Transformation” that she had been looking for.  Well when they had a few of the disks or bits  they would gather them up in their mouth.  Boy did they work fast.   On the bits, around the image of a spiral, which was the symbol of growth,  it said,  “In Speed We Trust.”

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1 Response to The Pogo Bugs Operation

  1. susannasays says:

    Pearl! What a delightful journey you are on. Certainly you are transforming and i am thoroughly enjoying all your adventures! Rock on rainbow girl!

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