A group conference at Norn Gundasä!

Remote Viewing, collage, SG, 2011.

…Corwin, ever the one to ground their understanding of every step of the group´s journey, was standing on the terrace, arms resolutely crossed about his chest, and yes, frowning. Scowling, would be a more appropriate word. His eyebrows were knotted over his eyes, and he looked, as always lately it seemed, concerned.

So. We know where the Watcher is, we know that he exists…

It´s a “she” I think, said Vivian, standing with her back against a wall warmed by the morning sun.

We know that she existsCorwin turned to Vivian and acknowledged her intervention with a nod of his head , we roughly know where she  lives because the pendulum went wild over Mount Tsarang. So, what do we do next?

Vivian looked down on the wooden terrace. She still felt awed by the events. Not really surprised, but still, she wondered constantly about the physical appearance of the Watcher who told her, Do not be afraid, I am not of your world. What did she mean? That she had an odd appearance? That maybe she is…an intelligent worm?  Anything is possible, Vivian thought, anything at all.

We have decided that we want to go on with you, Tenwar said, indicating Ninraen, who was sitting cross-legged on the wooden deck, sunbathing it seemed, very much at ease under the kiss of the morning sun.

Vivian looked over at Tenwar. The Elf was standing at Corwin´s side, hands on hips, looking strong and confident.

So be it, said Corwin, smiling. We have a nice little group here, haven´t we? He looked at Vivian, who returned the look without speaking.

We have to decide whether we do part of the journey with the pagmoos, he went on, or if we start right here with the wagon. Do we take the horses? And the animals?  Do we fly with the dragons?

I will need a second Going Forth, said Vivian slowly. I feel that everything is different now. I´m not on a “vision quest” anymore. I have seen where I need to go, I´m not acting on faith anymore. I know where I am going and why. What I do not know is how I will get to my goal. I am confident that the Watcher will talk to me, and she has a lot of things to say. And then, I have a lot of questions!… As for myself, the sooner we get to Mount Tsarang, the better. I don´t think I want to meander and enjoy the sights, I just want to get there, and…start working! I don´t really care about the landscape anymore!…

She gave a little snort, and looked up at Corwin. And you? she asked him.

Corwin, looking a tad more relaxed, said, Whatever you need, my lady. I will follow you, and support you. You´ve got the contact, you know best. I will do my best to support you. Time is of the essence here, I believe. And what about you? Corwin turned to Tenwar.

Ninraen and I…he indicated Ninraen, who still sat eyes blissfully closed, we will support you two. We are here to protect and maintain the best conditions possible for the Lady Vivian´s Journey. We are very interested, of course, after all the fate of our world is being decided, but we are here to support you, my Lady.

I agree, said Ninraen clearly, with her eyes still closed and a smile.

Well then, the question of organizing the Journey falls to me, said Vivian, wryly. Would you mind if I took a few days…she started, then seeing her companions’ reaction, she corrected, a few hours… to go to the Meditation Hall? I need to solidify my inner vision. I can´t just decide, I have to know how best to organize this. And I have to talk to Master Blaise.

Corwin inclined his head, That will be fine with me. With us, he added, after having thrown a look to Tenwar.

 Tenwar put a hand on his heart, and most politely as was his custom, said, We agree. Ninraen didn´t even open her eyes.

A crash was heard behind the house, as if something very heavy had fallen from the sky.

They all turned towards the source of the noise. Master Blaise, complete with staff and rucksack, flowered shirt and shorts, white hair in a long ponytail down his back and sunglasses, appeared around the corner of the house, looking a bit… tousled.

Seeing their expression, he said in the most debonair way, …Hello, there! Was somebody just now talking about me? May I join the fun?… Sorry for the noise, I have a rather antique pagmoo device…

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