Finding my way to the Place of Women in the forest of Magnifica

I was calm and content while traveling North, following the lines of the water along the forest edge.  I heard of a village of women living in the central part of the Kingdom of Seekendyeeshellfind, in a place known as Magnifica.  Yes, Freedom, that is where we will set our sights.

The sun was shining, blessing all it touched with light and warmth.  A most pleasant day to travel, I thought.  Along the way, trees spread out their arms filled with large clusters of leaves.  Some trees wore flowers which dressed them entirely  in brilliant colors.  Bees were buzzing and dragonflies flitted in between.   The aroma was heavenly, soothing my senses into a feeling of well-being.  Small animals skittered here and there as we moved along the pathway; a trail small, but manageable.  Berries, both red and blue in color, offered themselves on thin finger like bushes that opened their arms out to us as we passed, as if to implore us to partake of their bounty.

While following a hilly terrain opposite the river path, I  was surprised to see, ahead, edges of rock that continued in length from a higher ridge angling to a declining slope.  We rounded a curve in the trail, drawing us below.  When I saw the waterfall and a long smooth rock ledge, which lay basking in a generous pool of water below the falls, I decided to stop to camp.  There was no way that we were going to pass this over. We followed the winding path that brought us to our discovery. Freedom pranced around in a little circle showing his excitement at stopping here.

A gigantic old tree, the largest in amongst all others, stood tall and proud, several yards from the waterfall and pool.  Its trunk was thick and rich in color — a deep brown, deep purple and nearly black — the base of its trunk spreading out in a circle of thick, gnarled roots.  As Freedom nibbled on the plentiful grasses that grew in abundance in and around this spot, I pondered where we would sleep for the night.  While looking at the tree, I had observed  its raised gnarled roots, extending outward from its base..   I knew that I would feel safe and protected sleeping in the well padded moss growing in one of its larger grooved roots.   Most of the tree was covered with moss and lichen.  The plush moss of cushioned layers lay in between the old tree’s gnarly roots, and would cradle me as I slelpt.  Freedom slept nearby.

As the night approached, twilight was gleaming.  The stars began to light up the sky.  Again, constellations, old friends, winked at me to acknowledge my being seen.

After traveling, I was really tired, so fell to sleep waking up to the nuzzling of Freedom at my shoulder.

There was a bit of haze this morning.  It was so warm that I decided to take a shower under the waterfall.  Freedom walked with me and stayed on the very shallow portion of the pool, while I walked away from him in the shallow water to the smooth rock, taking a short step up to reach the falls.  The sun was not very high; however, the light of its rays created rainbows everywhere.  It was a wondrous sight, and magical.  I felt thoroughly cleansed. and healing found its way to my heart from the energies that abounded in this place.

Freedom and I moved on, again on the trail.   The weather continued to remain pleasant as we continued due North, waiting for a sign that would lead us to the woman’s village of Magnifica.

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5 Responses to Finding my way to the Place of Women in the forest of Magnifica

  1. vivian says:

    Mmm…beautiful images, sounds, smells, sensations…:-)

  2. Linda D. says:

    Agree with Vivien. Great post 🙂

  3. Yes, lovely!


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