The Real Song of Humanity

Collage, SG, 2011.

Third Remote Viewing Session.

The third day they had their session in the middle of the afternoon, installed as they were  before, on the sheltered terrace of their little house at Norn Gundasä. Vivian did not need the induction, and quickly fell into a trance.

Now that she felt sure about having found the Watcher, she oriented herself directly towards the mountain.

As her mind hovered over it, she sent a beam of purple light towards the side of the sheer cliff, where she could see a faint shimmer indicating the presence of the Watcher.

This time she felt quite sure of herself. The color of the beam had been agreed on, on the strength of the information that they had from the legend of the Watcher. The Watcher, they felt sure, was waiting “for purple lights that would indicate that the Lambda Draconis gene is functioning properly”.

I am the Light, she sent forward. Are you there?

The other beam shot up to her, as if it had been eagerly waiting for her.

You are the Light that I have been waiting for, the voice in her mind stated.

Yes, I am, answered Vivian. Then she asked, Are you a Khandroma?

Khan…droma? The voice hesitated.

Vivian, patiently now that she was sure, drew the Draco constellation in her mind, and sent it.

The voice in her mind sounded…ancient.

This is…my home. You are the Light. Will you come and free me?

I will. I will come with friends, and we will help you. Will you help us?

Come, come, then. And we will talk, face to face. Do not be afraid, I am not of your world.

I know that, said Vivian, barely containing her excitement. We need you. Maybe we can help each other. I am not afraid. The Light cannot be afraid of the Light. I will come. I will.

Listen, the voice said…

Then the music started, unlike anything Vivian had ever heard. Remembering that her companions couldn´t hear it, she said to them,

I will tell you what I hear in words, so that you can record them…

…It is a Song about having lost one´s Home, and of travelling far through Time, of being lost in many, many deserts and on many mountains, a long, long time. It is a song of deep longing, but also of connectedness. It is a song of hope, and passion, and tears.

It speaks of greatness and much pain, of joy and doom, of life and death, of the vastness of the Universe, of how small we living creatures really are, yet of how invincible we are through our belonging to a Greater Life. It is a song of love and sweetness,  a song of bloodshed and profound mistakes. A song of never-ending Being. It is the Song of Creation, of the Family of All-That-Is.

Vivian´s voice broke off, and Corwin felt how she was Travelling back to them, back to physical reality, through the Field, back to them.

She opened her eyes, and he saw that she was crying.

This Song… is what the Book we are looking for contains,

it is the Real Song of Humanity, she said in a low voice. That much I do understand.


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  1. Linda D. says:

    Words fail me… superb 🙂

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