The Song of the Tree of Transformation

Pearl fell asleep beside the Tree of Transfomation.  The hypnotic music of the tree was like a poem.  It was as if the tree were speaking to her:

You were a girl

when you went to the desert,

To escape the familiar

and find the unknown.

Just like a scape goat

you also carried things with you

that were not

what you wanted or owned.

The wind blew hard in the desert

and made you  ears roar with a voice not your own

it was like a tape that you couldn’t stop

that furrowed your bran with ruts.

But you were here to dig.

A grave or

to look for treasure

You were not sure.

But from all the digging

She created a shelter

Grounded in Earth

A cocoon for the soul.

Protected from the Wind

You thought you were safe.

But then you discovered


Fear is a door that

You walk through

An opening that bars you

from the truth.

When you first started digging

You were looking for fossils

But what you found

were CRACKS.

The space between the cracks

The language of the unknown

The hieroglyphics of the Desert

Is the Wisdom of the soul.

So Pearl I am sending you on a journey

You may wonder at my devises

But be assured that it is for your good

And will bring you to the best end.”

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2 Responses to The Song of the Tree of Transformation

  1. vivian says:

    Love the combination of poem and stitches…:-) Wow, the scorpion and the snake are amazing…

  2. cicadiaxiii says:

    Thank you Vivian. I really like embroidery. One of the embroiders that inspired me was this guy

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