The Overlord

The Old Forest, Visual Journal, SG, 2009

…Lady Maiwen! I´m so happy to see you! Vivian exclaimed . My time at Norn Iru was so interesting!… The figure on the screen smiled.

She had first met the Lady Maiwen at Norn Iru, in Elvenland, where Maiwen was a distinguished Elven artist and scientist, and part of a Council of Elders that guided the People.

Hello, my dear Vivian, Maiwen said, putting a hand on her heart and inclining her head in the Elven way. I´m happy to see you again too. Did you find out more things about the People in your travellings?

I did, Vivian answered. I cannot begin to tell you how much!… But I called you now because we had a little incident here, we went in search of he whom the People call the Overlord, into the Darkwoods, Vivian shivered. And we had to turn back, our pagmoos didn´t work, and my wagon´s communication center went dead. Do you know anything that could help us understand all this?

The Darkwoods? The Overlord?  My dear Vivian, it seems that you are on a crash course of Elven History! Are you by any chance, looking for the Book of the Khandromas?

I do. That is, we do. Corwin here is travelling with me, and also the Elves Ninraen and Tenwar.

Both of them, standing behind Vivian, inclined their head, hand on heart. Corwin made a friendly gesture towards the screen.

We had an…inkling of the Forest, and practically run out of it…Vivian went on. Do you know anything that could help us? We understand that a copy of this Book is necessary, for the People to understand how the implanted gene from Lambda Draconis is working in humans. Or better said, how it is not working… We understand that in a copy of this Book, that explains the workings of the DNA manipulation in Elven language, the People could find a solution for real-Earth humans…

I know certain things, and am willing to share the information with you, yes, Maiwen answered. I understand the importance of the Book and of its content. Take a seat and I will tell you what the People know.

Once they were all comfortably seated, Maiwen went on…The Overlord, as you may have guessed, is a renegade Elf.

Seeing their movements of surprise, Maiwen put her hand up.

Please do not interrupt me. At the time that the Elves were created by the Khandromas, which is a time out of even Elven memory, some of the …experiment …didn´t work the way it was intended by the Khandroma scientists. For some strange reason which was never clearly understood, the gene did not work in an evolutionary way in some humans. The changed humans took the less positive path of freedom…

How can a path of freedom be less positive? Vivian exclaimed.

Well, said the Lady Maiwen, it is as with children. Certainly it is best for parents to let their children make their own choices, but as parents, they will also need to be prepared for the fact that their children will perhaps choose a path that they do not really like or agree with. Children have to build their world anew, if there is to be some evolution. Though they may be wrong from the point of view of the parents, it is their choice, as will be the consequences of this free choice.

That is what the humans did. They chose the path of technology, and that, through the centuries, brought real-Earth to the brink of destruction. In this sense, they were given their freedom, and also their responsibility. And they are using this freedom and…still not perceiving their responsibility, or “response-ability”…. If that destroys their world, so be it.

The problem for us inhabitants in the Imagi-Nation, in this “Otherworld” of the Imagi-Nation, is that if they disappear from the face of real-Earth, we disappear with them, since we are a part of them.

And with their disappearance, and by logical consequence our own, goes the last possibility to experience the contents of the original intention, the original Plan, of the Khandromas.

A world without wars ? Corwin whispered.

Yes, said Maiwen. A world technologically sophisticated, like the Elves are, but without any impulse for war and destruction. A world that would finally understand the Meaning of Creation itself. Do you understand how important that is? Both for us, the People in the Otherworld, and for the humans of real-Earth?

Corwin turned to Vivian with an expression of triumphant “I told you so!” on his face.

Maiwen went on.

As you know, the People use technology in an ethical way, to protect Midgard and make it flourish. This was not always so. There were wars in Elvenland until the People split up in two bands, one is the People that we know today, who evolved in an ethical and spiritual way, as the Draconian gene actually guided them to, and the other band, seeing the evil of unwisely used technology, disappeared into the vast forest of the Darkwoods, rejecting any type of “unnatural” use of Nature. A quantum barrier was set up, so that all technology would stop right at the entrance of the Darkwoods.  Which is a paradox, of course.  Using  the highest quantum technology to forbid the entrance of technology…That is what happened to you. Also, people who enter the Darkwoods do not come back, ever, and that contributed to the aura of malevolence of the area. So it was left in peace for millennia.

And the Overlord? asked Vivian.

Lord of the Forest, Elven Painting.

The current Overlord is the chief of the renegade People, Maiwen said. He is a direct descendant of the first renegade Elf that went into the Darkwoods, rejecting the way of the People.

And how is all this linked with the Book?  asked Corwin.

One of the first Overlords, knowing that a copy of the Book of the Khandromas had been created in Elven language, stole it from the people who had done the translation, a tribe that lives at the foot of Mount Tsarang.

…Where the Watcher lives…whispered Vivian, a dreamy expression on her face.

Or lived, we do not know if there still is a Watcher at Mount Tsarang, said Maiwen. The Overlord stole the copy to prevent us from ever knowing what was in the Book. He taught his people that genetic manipulation is an abomination.

So, said Corwin, always practical, we need the copy to understand what the original intention of the Khandromas actually was. Is it not so? And that way we would perhaps be able, perhaps, to understand why the implantation went awry in the humans of real-Earth. That way, the humans themselves could correct the course of their destiny, and that way, save themselves and real-Earth.

That is correct, said Maiwen. You have to get the copy that still might be in the possession of the actual Overlord, or bring back some translator of the original Book, or bring back another translated copy.  All we know about all this, is that it is a legend, a myth.  We have no real information, and we will need it, the real information about the Watcher, the Overlord and the Book, so that we can have an idea of what the Destiny of Midgard might be. Seeing the way the humans are destroying their real-Earth, I´m not very optimistic, we have to act now, and as quickly as possible.

Vivian´s Painting, SG, 2011

…You know, said Vivian, still looking dreamy, the last night in the Darkwoods, I had a vision…I made a painting…

 That is very interesting, my dear. Show me your painting, and I will show you paintings that some of our most mystical scientists have created through their quantum link with All-That-Is.


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