Elvenland Map and MerKaBa Pendulum, SG, 2011.

…There is no way anybody is going to get me into that green mess again, proclaimed Vivian, arms crossed and looking determined.

What, don´t look at me like that, she threw at Corwin, who masked his smile with a diplomatic hand.

Let´s look at the map then, said Ninraen.

They set the map flat on the table, and Vivian got the pendulum out of its leather box.

She started by circling slowly around all the areas of the map. As she did this, she could feel the pendulum starting its own activation process. She was used to all sorts of divinatory tools, but this was…different. She felt rather than heard a low humming, as if the pendulum was preparing to sing.

It turned in big circles over the whole map, of its own accord, as if browsing it, taking in the geography, registering it.

Vivian stopped it, held it very quiet for a moment. Her mind was concentrated, aligned to her quantum link  with the Field of All-That-Is.

At the end of the silver chain held loosely between her fingers, she could see the MerKaBa crystal starting to vibrate.

Give me a yes, she whispered in her mind. The pendulum started swinging, turning right, slowly at first, then in a very definite circle.

Give me a no, Vivian told the pendulum. As if it was obedient to the impulse of her mind, the pendulum stopped, then slowly started to turn to the left, until it danced in a perfect circle.

Good. Now, my beauty,  let us see if we are really attuned. Give me a perhaps.

The pendulum seemed to hesitate, then started to trace a straight line diagonally, left to right, up and down.

We are ready, said Vivian, looking up at her three companions.

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Psychosynthesis and Art.
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