On the way to the Place of Healing

As I held on to Freedom’s mane while he galloped at a ferocious pace, I knew exactly where I needed to journey next.  Although it was thousands of miles away, I knew I had to make the journey to The Isle of Healing.  It lay at the uppermost NorthEastern region of the Kingdomofseekandye shallfind.  As we were now located in the bottom Southwest corner of the Kingdom, I realized the journey would be long and arduous.  Nonetheless, I was determined.

Crossing the border of the Shadowland into Coldshadow Haven, we moved forward without stopping.  While travelling along the coast, I savored the fresh salty breeze of the ocean, and found it somewhat healing.  Then I remembered!  There is a part of the Kingdom of Seekandyeshallfind that contains a place of healing mid-way…  the Temenos, the Safe Place below Magnifica…land of beauty, that takes ones breath away.  “Freedom, said I, “we are going to travel to the Temenos as quickly as possible, for I feel the need to find a place of respite and healing.”  Freedom whinnied loudly while bobbing his proud and intelligent head up and down, continuing to move at a comfortable pace.  While crossing from West to East, we stopped several nights along the coast until we reached a tiny peninsula, which jutted out slightly  where the  river Angelor emptied into the Mer-Sea.  It was there that Freedom and I stayed a bit longer to refresh ourselves, and to catch our breath.  The beaches along the southern shore were magnificent…. stretches of silvery white sand with sparkles of salt , where many seabirds gathered to pick at the seaweed to feed themselves, lay as far as the eye could see.  Sea shells, large and small were scattered along the shore.   Caught in the waves, the tide pushed them out onto the foamy lacey fringes of the wet edges of the shore.  In  amongst the seaweed, tangled high on the sandy beach, were tiny hermit crabs and little shells.  Blobs of jellyfish were scattered here and there along the beach, looking like fallen soap bubbles with irridescent windows in colors of red, yellow, blue, and green catching one’s eye.  The breeze was warm here, and the sun shone splendidly from the sky painted a soft shade of cerulean blue.

It was time to move inland to gather more food, as our supply was dwindling.  Berries and nuts were plentiful in this region and as soon as an ample amount of each was gathered, along with fresh water from the small streams flowing from the river Angelor, we began our move.  Heading North following Angelor, we cut Eastward into the forests of Magnifica in order to reach the Temenos.

The forest of Magnifica were huge; evergreens towering over us like giants.  The branches were thick and heavy in shades of rich veridian green crossed over with purple shadows…the sun barely made its way through, and the pathway was strewn with needles that lay like a thick blanket along the ground.  Freedom’s hoofs made little noise as he made his way through.  Birds skittered through the air and in the trees, where hoot owls were hiding.  Little critters were present, as the pitter-patter of their feet were heard throughout the tree branches.  We pushed on, stopping only for one night to camp, as I was anxious to reach the Temenos.  Up at daybreak, we wasted no time getting back to making our trail.   Several hours went by, and I felt that we were nearing the Temenos…  we came to a small clearing, and I could see something from where I sat on Freedom… but could not ascertain what it was.  I spoke to Freedom, nudging him on to quicken his speed.  He galloped eagerly towards the  edge of the clearing, where a low wall of stone followed a curve.  We moved alongside the curve and round and round it went.  There was a long clear space that opened into two rectangular gardens bordering two separate pools of water.  We followed our way to the end of the two rectangular pools and saw clearly, the labyrinth that presented itself at the far end.  Making our way behind the enormous labyrinth, I could see a vast stretch of beautiful green landscape, then, after what seemed like a drop at the edge of the landscape, the ocean, with the sun radiating its brilliant rays over all.

I was so happy to be here.  I looked around and saw no one.  “There must be someone here,” I thought to myself.  I got down from Freedom’s back and we both walked around.  We walked back to the front of the labyrinth, in between it and the rectangular pools with flowered borders.  It wasn’t a moment after we arrived at this spot, when I heard a soft voice, saying, Welcome.  From behind me, a woman appeared.  She turned to face me as she came round, and smiled.  She had the most interesting visage…. features somewhat different than most…. violet eyes that were like huge pools of water that shone with such intensity, instantly compelling.  She wore a garment that was several shades softer than her violet eyes, and in her silver blonde hair was placed a sweet smelling gardenia.  “My name is Hahona.  And, you…what is your name?”   I answered her, telling her my name, and introducing her to Freedom.   Freedom took an instant liking to Hahona, and allowed her to caress his mane.

We have come to Temenos because I am in need of healing, and the Isle of Medica, the Healing Isle, is much farther away from here.  Although I have recently rid myself of inhibitions and negativity, I have been sad and grieving as of late.  Many hurtful thoughts have been ruminating through my mind, and I am in need of grounding and balance.  This happens to me when I allow old hurts to manifest, and my power dwindles.  I ask for help to energize my power to a more positive and even keel.   I desperately need some insight to something that has long been hindering me… and need to come to a right resolution.

Hahona said, “Walking the labyrinth will most certainly be useful in working through your concerns.  It would be best if you took some time to meditate and reflect on how you would like to approach this matter.  I would suggest you bathe in the life giving waters of the sea and allow your body to drink in the healing rays of the sun before walking the circle round.”  With this said, Hahona took me by the hand, leading me to the side of the labyrinth, where, several yards away,  a small structure stood half hidden by one of the large branched trees.  The side of it was covered with vines of jasmine blossoms, and the door was of wood, beautifully carved.  The roof was thatched and the ends curved upward.  Freedom made himself at home, nibbling at the grass, content to just graze.

Upon entering, we walked through an archway into a smaller room, simple in decoration, but filled with a delightful flower aroma.  I breathed in and a feeling of well-being overtook me immediately.  Hahona took out a large cloth from a chest and handed it to me.  It was white, soft and weightless.  She also gave me a small vial of liquid, saying, “After you bathe in the sea, rub this on your body.  It is a flower essence taken from the clematis flower, and is a grounding essence that wakes up the individual to better evaluate the present situation.  Walk immediately to the opening of the labyrinth, and begin your walk, pausing along the way when the need to do so makes itself known to you.”  She gestured to the door, and once outside,  pointed me to the pathway leading to the beach.  Freedom was waiting patiently for me in front of the door.  “I will keep Freedom here with me, as you need to focus on your healing ritual,”  Hahona said.  I agreed, and left for the water.

A rock wall stood in front of the beachfront,  A small opening allowed entryway to the smooth white sand.  I walked to the shore, dropping the large cloth, then disrobed.  The day was perfect, the sky clear, the water warm, and as I walked slowly into the waves that made their way to the edge of the sand, tiny bubbles touched my feet.   I felt the pull of the water, which made indentations beneath my feet, as it strongly pulled away, making its way back to the large expanse from which it came.  As I walked further, into the larger waves, the water had settled into calm, wide ripples.  I dove in, totally immerse myself in the refreshing sea water.  The sun glinted on the large expanse of water,  pesenting a bejeweled landscape.  I savored this time, but knew I must move on to the labyrinth.  I slowly emerged from the ocen, and picking up the white cloth, wiped myself dry.  I opened the vial of flower essence and rubbed it first, on my face, then on the rest of my body.  I clothed myself, then walked up the beach to the stone wall opening, then back to the front of the labyrinth.  I could see Freedom in the field next to the rectangular pool, and he whinnied a greeting to me.  I then walked into the labyrinth, and began my walk.

As I moved along the circle, I experienced a feeling of calm.  As I progressed along, my head became more clear, and I was able to think about my sorrow at hand.  I took my time, stopping when I felt the need, and when nearly done, a resolution took place in my mind.  A weight was lifted, and I danced happily to the end of the circle.

Freedom met me at the opening, and we both headed toward the space between the two pools surrounded with flowers where we lay down to rest.  Closing my eyes, I fell to sleep.

I was brought back to a time past, when my sorrow was at its height.  A relationship was at risk, and it played out to a sorrowful end.  So sad was I, but did not know any other way to resolve the situation.  I heard these words…”When you fly like a bird, when you thunder like the rains, when you sing in the clouds, when you dance on the moon, when you swim in the sun, a wave of new consciousness arises within you, and the gates of Nirvana are opened up for you!!   Again I heard another voice speak, “I am optimistic and confident in all that I do.  I affirm only the best for myself and others.  I am the creator of my life and my world.  I meed daily challenges gracefully and with complete confidence.  I fill my mind with positive, nurturing and healing thoughts.”

When I awoke,  the sun was going down.  Hahona was standing next to us and invited us to the small cottage next to the woods to refresh ourselves and to stay for the night.  Freedom grazed near the edge of the woods and drank from a nearby stream, while I spent the evening inside.

After dining with Hahona and before retiring for the night, I thanked her for her hospitality and for the help she had provided. She assured me that no thanks was necessary, as helping each other was all that mattered.  I told her that Freedom and I would be leaving early, just as the sun rose.  I was not sure of where where we would venture next, but that I was sure it would be meaningful.  With this we bid each other goodnight and farewell until we met again.

(quote 1 attributed to Kruti Suchak and quote 2 attributed to Alice Potter)

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  1. vivian says:

    …Would like to sleep one night at Hahona´s cottage! *sigh*

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