Place of Power (continued)

We bedded down for the night, but I could not sleep.  The stars lay against the pitch black sky, some twinkling like sparkles in effervescent champagne.  As my eyes scanned the chalkboard of shining dots, I spied Orion and his dog, Sirius.  I began to slip into a light slumber, leaning against Freedom, gazing into the heavens  that seemed to be at  the very top of the world,  when one star caught my eye.  It was very bright and was surrounded by a silvery blue tint, that became stronger as it moved closer and closer to the earth where we lay.  In a matter of moments it hovered directly over us. Freedom became uneasy, so  I stood upright allowing him to  rise as well.  He whinnied his surprise when a bell chimed from some unknown place.  I knew this was something very extreme, as  bells indicate my need to pay attention.  The bell tinkled softly with gentle tones, and the essence of incense wafted through the air.

A figure had exited the celestial sky and stood a short distance away.   Telepathically I heard,  “My name is Sophia.  I come from the far away regions of the Others.  We are known  for our wisdom and all-knowing, as we have been in this vibration for eons.  I have come to  you on your journey to favor you with a gifts–which  you will rely on and make part of your earthly being.  They are the gifts  of  self-knowledge and of discernment, useful in all ways, for when you know yourself, and practice the art of discernment, you gain insight that is invaluable in  helping  you to gain power, avoiding pitfalls and unhappiness throughout your existence.”

Having said this, she approached me, like a soft whisper, and lay her hands upon the round sphere, which I wear on a gold cord around my neck.  “I infuse this sphere with these attributes.  Wear it always; it will be one of your most treasured belongings, if not the most valuable.   The sphere immediately glowed with a silver blue light and a star appeared within, centered within the mandala.  “Wholeness is your gift”, she said, and then she was gone.  A trail of silver stardust lay where she had stood and made a trail out into the space of dark night.  Overwhelmed, I called Freedom to me, and together we fell fast asleep, awakening to a slightly cool breeze and the light of the sun rising above the sea filled scape.



Star Spirit and Lavenda

Star Spirit and Lavenda

Sunrise - a new day

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  1. Linda D. says:

    Lovely writing, and visuals. Great gift too 🙂

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