The Sky Wanderers

Legend of the Watcher, collage, SG, 2011.

…It is said that long ago, long long ago, the Khandromas, the Sky Dancers, created Midgard and Elvenland, Blaise began. It is the Khandromas that created the Elves. The Khandromas came from the sky, the deep sky, the Legend says. They came with starships and alien technology. They were a race of Conquerors, quite benevolent ones. But they were peaceful invaders all the same, transgressing the Prime Directive of all Star Voyagers that says that no space travellers may intervene in a planet´s evolution. They did intervene however, because they were very proud of who they were. They implanted one of their own genes in the human apes that they found and this created havoc on Earth´s local evolution. They imprinted Earth´s humans with their consciousness. And this…this “experiment”… was a tremendous failure, though at some point, the implant started to function in a positive way in some humans, who started to be able to see what they then called “The Otherworld”, our world, Midgard, the Imagi-Nation. When the Khandromas saw the disaster on real-Earth, they created the Elves in the part of the brain of the apes that hosts the Imagi-Nation, and left. One of them stayed behind to watch over the new race that they had created. He became The Watcher, who watches over both the disaster that humans have become, and the Elves who took quite another path, in the Otherworld. It is said that the Watcher dwells in a fortress under the highest mountain of Elvenland, at the center of Midgard.

 The place where there is nothing on the map of Elvenland? asks Vivian.

Oh yes, right there, Blaise answers. The “empty”center of the map contains a lot of things, not all of them of goodwill.

This…this Watcher? This…Khandroma? What does he do? Now it is Vivian who looks concerned. 

He is said to watch over Elvenland, says Blaise, and is waiting for some human – or the Elves – to understand that the implant was for a positive twist of the evolution of humans. He watches until he sees that the Khandroma gene they implanted us with, both Elves and humans, finally…flowers.

 Flowers? asks Corwin.

It is a metaphor. The Watcher (the Legend says) has Khandroma sensors, which tell him that the implant is finally working. We do not really know anything about all this, except what the Elven scientists have deciphered from the parchments.

But…this is a Legend, is it not? asks Vivian, frowning a bit.

Blaise smiles. It would be, were it not for these very real fragments of parchment…

 His voice trailed off, and Vivian and Corwin stared at the battered pieces.

You mean…Corwin started saying.

You mean that the Watcher is real, is it not so? completes Vivian.

Yes, my dear. This is my best guess.

Blaise stops, looks down and sighs.

I also understand that you have to find this Sentinel, because the Book of the Khandromas, of which I think we see a page on this table…Blaise paused, breathed deep, then went on in a meaningful tone, You two have to find this Book, because it could save the Earth.

Silence ensued. Only the crackling of the fire was heard for quite a while


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2 Responses to The Sky Wanderers

  1. artemysos says:

    Fascinating Vivian, I love to travel in your stories. I love the various fibers you are using to weave your story as well. xx Hovo

  2. Linda D. says:

    Ooh answers and questions and a quest combined. Intriguing and as always, superb. x

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