Traveling to the Place of Power

Leaving High Heaven, we trekked for days heading South, then moved alongside  a body of water for a long distance.  We stopped along the water’s edge to rest after each day’s journey.  For many days, we were surrounded by tall trees,  stuck into the ground like candles in a birthday cake, but infused with static energy–vibrant and watching.   Making camp for the day, Freedom and I welcomed the silence of the space. I fell quickly to sleep, and when I woke, I was filled with a sense of renewal and lightness of being.  I nibbled on dried fruit while Freedom chewed on grass.  After whetting  my  lips with water stored in a flask, I shared with Freedom, filling a gourd carried just for him.  He looked at me gratefully.  We began anew, breathing in the crisp, clean air that had an electric vibe.  Seen afar, shortly after our departure upon arising and traveling Southwest, was a field.  I intuitively sensed a grid beneath us, part of a world-wide grid of energy located within  the earthen globe.  Walking further into a huge clearing, as far as my eyes could see, the vastness of the field revealed stones standing upright, reaching towards the sky.  The sun shone brightly, and the stones stretched upward, straining to hold hands with rays of the sun.  There were many circles of stone in patches throughout the field — standing stones in this place of power. My energy waxed and waned as we wandered along, making our way through the field.  “The grids are a matrix of sound, light, and color through which we virtually experience and learn.  In physical reality, grids are electro-magnetic energy thus creating polarity or duality of experience, always seeking to restore balance and forever in (spiraling) motion.  Grids never stop creating programs of experience.”

We wandered about the field examining the stones.   I have always admired stones…so earthy…solid…so different from the endless etheric state I am used to.  Like a vast blanket covering the ground the stones lay: some smooth, some rough, some cracked, and when opened, many revealing glittering mica, quartz–colors of rust, iron, lavender streaks, and everywhere, a myriad of weights and shapes.  Some were placed in circles at varying distances.  I shivered with anticipation, never expecting to feel my body react with these extraordinary vibes.  Freedom looked as though he was listening to something that I could not hear; head up and sniffing the air.   He took the lead,  jogging slowly, and I followed him,  He veered off to the side, where a  copse of trees swayed tall in the sky; seeming to beckon us.  I mounted Freedom, and he slowly cantered into the small grouping of trees just ahead.

To my great surprise, I saw an area that sloped up in gradations.  The earth plane here was raised in circular mounds.  I dismounted, taking Freedom by the reigns and began to trek upwards.  I caught the scent of the ocean.. tangy salt was in the air.  The sun was beginning to descend in the sky behind me, and I wanted to reach the top of this elevation before darkness fell.  When we reached the zenith, I decided we would make camp to rest, eat, and do some thinking.  One step more, and I reached the top.  Looking ahead, was the vast ocean, and when I turned around, I was taken with a surge of surprise and delight.  I was totally breathless!  Even though twilight was approaching, I could see for miles and miles.  As I looked westward, the sun had bowed down and the sky was covered in a palette of reds, yellows, and orange.  Surely, this was a place to communicate with the Spirits in the sky.  I had found the Place of Power.

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6 Responses to Traveling to the Place of Power

  1. Jill says:

    mmmm lovely, you paint a glorious picture both visually and emotionally with your words – felt i was right there alongside you.

  2. artemysos says:

    I love your place of power… it is empowering and freeing 😉

    xx Hovo

  3. Linda D. says:

    “…many revealing glittering mica, quartz–colors of rust, iron, lavender streaks, and everywhere, a myriad of weights and shapes…” Wonderful description, and a great piece of writing. Love it.

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